It’s time for you to quit procrastinating and making excuses for why your book isn’t done yet!!

When you coach with me you’ll get:

  • Access to my brain and its 10+ years of publishing industry knowledge
  • Help with everything to do with your book, from organizing your manuscript to creating a branded Kindle series
  • Accountability and gentle “but” kicking to get your book done
  • Answers to your questions about how to get published
  • Strategic marketing planning & accountability for your book’s success
  • And much, much more!

  • One 30-minute coaching session via Skype or phone each month
  • One email or Skype chat messaged question every day, Monday through Thursday, answered within one business day
  • ALL training courses, products, and systems I already have and will develop in the six months you're enrolled, including all my books!
  • ALL training courses, products, and systems I already have and will develop in the twelve months you're enrolled, including all my books!
  • A members-exclusive discount on all our done-for-you publishing services, from editing to book packaging and more!
  • Month-to-Month Stress Reliever

  • $397

    per month

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  • 6-Month Ongoing Support

  • $1997

    save over $380!

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  • 12-Month Ultimate Success

  • $2997

    save over $1750!

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Don’t need a full coaching package? Want on-demand access to get a quick question answered? Now you can reserve meon demand for a fast, laser-focused discounted 30-minute session that fits your schedule!
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What is it costing you to not have someone guide you through the confusing industry of publishing and business?

  • Hours of frustration not having the answers to your questions when you need them
  • The completion of your lifelong dream to be published
  • Major mistakes that cause frustration with your customers
  • Even bigger mistakes that could cause legal problems

Isn’t it time you avoid these costly mistakes, and make a difference with your book and impact your bottom line with proven results?

This is about your book.

Your business.

Your needs.

Your success.

It’s time for you to quit “going it alone” and spending hours trying to figure out this industry yourself. Saving time means you can become a successful author sooner and exponentially increase your business and income faster than you can working alone! I look forward to helping you overcome the hurdles in your way to finishing your book, increasing your business, and changing your life!

~Kristen :)

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