The UBC Team

Learn more about the “Ultimate Book Coach” Team!

Senior Staff
Kristen Eckstein, Ultimate Book Coach and CEO of Imagine! Studios, LLC
“Ultimate Book Coach” is the nickname earned by Kristen from her amazing clients. She is truly a publishing industry expert, having started over 40 publishing companies and published over 120 books and eBooks. She’s a highly sought-after speaker, two time best-selling author, award winning international speaker, and the big cheese at UBC International Headquarters.


Joe Eckstein, Creative Director & Lead Designer
Joe is more than the Creative Director of Imagine! Studios, LLC (parent company to the Ultimate Book Coach), he is Kristen’s right-hand in the business and her husband to boot! Joe co-founded the company with Kristen in 2004 after they both worked for a vanity publishing company and learned the ropes of the industry. He is Lead Book Designer and handles most of the UBC authors’ book designs. Joe has earned the title “Wow Factor” at three companies.

Sheri Masters, Copy-Editor
Sheri also uses the Chicago Manual of Style and copy-edits many of our fiction and Christian non-fiction books. She will find and fix inconsistencies, spelling errors, grammatical issues and poor punctuation and goes above and beyond to make your message as clear as possible.

Erin K. Casey, Lead Developmental Editor
If you desire your book to be the best it can be, the head of our developmental editing and proofreading team, Erin is the editor for you. She has ghostwritten numerous pieces for celebrity authors, is the editor for Kristen’s books, and is our go-to source for in-depth editing. She knows how to help you take your ideas and shape them into content your audience will devour.

Loretta Oliver, Lead Transcriptionist
Many non-fiction books start as audio or video. Loretta takes your audio/video and converts it into a rough manuscript. She creates headings, sub headings and chapters to create a complete book.

Ebook Production

Amit Dey, Digital eBook Conversion Professional
Amit is the talent behind turning complicated PDFs including bullet points, graphics, pictures, indents and other issues that commonly look horrible through Amazon’s Direct to Kindle program into something streamlined, readable, and beautiful. His talent takes your PDF and turns it into the cleanest possible MOBI (Kindle) and EPUB format technologically possible.

Maruxa Murphy, Product Branding Strategist
Maruxa is our Product Branding Strategist and Founder of Instant Expert Branding. She is passionate about partnering with you to make sure your book publishing experience is top notch. Maruxa oversees product launches, copywriting and product branding.

Andrea Cinnamond, Virtual Assistant
Andrea keeps Kristen’s blogs and newsletter running smoothly. Kristen loves waking up on Thursday mornings to find that her newsletter has magically appeared in her inbox!

Wendy Emrich, Social Media Manager
Wendy maintains Kristen’s social media pages and Tweets and keeps content flowing to the vast Ultimate Book Coach audience and fans. She and Kristen work hand-in-hand to bring you tips, inspiration, motivation, encouragement and opportunities to share your writing with the world and grow your business.

Taresa Sparks, Accountant
Taresa keeps the books neat, clean and organized, freeing Kristen up to bring you more great content. She also manages the company’s Accounts Receivables.

Web Support
Courtney Chowning, Webmaster/Programmer
Courtney is the source of keeping the UBC family of sites running smooth, manages the technical end of the affiliate programs and any other geeky programming things Kristen can come up with for her to do. Thanks to Courtney the sites function and look fabulous!