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“I know you do something with books, but what exactly do you do?” is the question I get asked the most. It surprises me, because I thought I was always clear on my message. Apparently, I’m not clear enough. Answering with specifics when asked what we do is a lesson every business owner needs to hear, even me. Sometimes we take for granted, especially with potential clients, that “they know I can do that!” But we need to assume no one knows all the details of our businesses, especially when we live our businesses day in and day out, and they don’t.

So I’m taking that lesson to heart and going to describe to you exactly what it is I do!

We are a professional book publishing service provider specializing in true independent publishing services designed to open doors for your book’s marketbility and to establish you as the go-to expert in your field.

These services can be categorized into three areas:
Publishing Consulting
Writing Coaching
Book Marketing Courses

Publishing Consulting

Publishing is what we’re known for. Even Guy Kawasaki came to us for our expertise in his book APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur. As creator of the exclusive I am Published!™ independent publishing program, my team and I take your written words and craft a professional book that rivals those in the traditional marketplace.

I am Published!™ – 100% of our authors meet the requirements necessary to get their books inside a bookstore. We make you, the author, appear traditionally published with all the perks of self-publishing, and we help you make more profits and get more credibility because we set up your books to open all the marketing doors other companies shut. I personally coach you on how to use your books to increase your bottom line through methods beyond the simple book sale. In fact, one of our clients saw a significant increase to her business by saying she had a publishing division!

The packages in the I am Published!™ program are designed with the real author’s needs in mind, not filled with “junk” many upper level vanity publishing company’s plans contain. Every marketing material in the Gold and Platinum levels is something I have used myself and you’re sure to use, too. These complete turnkey done-for-you solutions take the stress level off of you and give you a finished product you can be proud to show off. Our goal with publishing is to make you fight with those who see your book, who don’t believe it could possibly be self-published. We want your book to stand out in the tight market, not be one of those poorly designed and formatted “pass over” books.

We are not a middle man. Think of us as the production department of your company for the process of getting your book published. We do not take any money from your book sales – you earn every penny and pay only the print cost on books you order. A $20 book that might cost you $10 to order from a vanity publisher will only cost you $3 through the I am Published!™ program. Add to that the discounts our printer of choice offers and you won’t get a better price from any POD (print-on-demand) publishing company. The best part is, all our clients are set up with the original POD company, so you don’t need to stock any inventory.

Our most popular package is the Platinum level, which includes everything you need for a professionally produced book, including copy-editing, cover design (by a real book designer who doesn’t use Microsoft Word!), interior layout to keep your branding intact while giving your readers a coherent experience, and a massive dose of useful marketing materials, including a video book trailer and a press release to major media outlets. The second most popular package is the Gold level, which includes the same necessities every author needs as Platinum, with less marketing materials.

The best part of publishing happens at the end of the process. After you receive your hardcopy proof from the printer and approve it, I personally guide you through a training of your personal virtual back office with the printer. I teach you how to track sales, drop ship books anywhere in the world and more. This is what I call really putting you in the drivers’ seat as an independently published author! Once that call is complete and all elements of the publishing package are fulfilled, you are in 100% control and I take a seat in the stands to watch you drive your way to success! And don’t worry, I’m also available for the pit crew if you still need me.

Digital Publishing – Another aspect of publishing is pure digital. Our digital publishing program is unique in that it’s designed to clean your eBook files and turn them into lead-generating, sales-making Kindle books. Though eBook formatting is included in the I am Published!™ program for print books, our goal with our Digital Publishing service is to repurpose content you already have. It’s a way to get your name recognized quickly, align yourself with experts, increase SEO to you and your website, increase opt-ins, pre-qualify potential new clients and more. Digital publishing packages are priced per page and designed for you to have a complete, cleanly formatted eBook. We can also create an eBook from your audio or webinar file and custom design a professional eBook cover design.

Publishing A’la Carte – Sometimes an author comes to us only needing a piece of the puzzle. They either need registrations set up for the printer, an eBook formatted by our eBook programmer, a professional cover designed or an interior layout created. Whatever the need, if it has to do with books, we can do it a’la carte. We’ve become known for our professional cover designs and authors regularly seek us out for those, not realizing we can combine everything else they need into one convenient package. Keep in mind that the I am Published!™ packages reflect a discount vs. a’la carte services, so you may actually save money and get more bang for your buck by choosing a package over several a’la carte pieces.

Writing Coaching
Writing coaching involves one-on-one hands-on coaching with me personally through the book writing process.

If you’re ready to “deep dive” into your project, I’m available to make sure you’re able to keep breathing and make progress one month at a time (no lengthy contracts). In between our 30-minute calls, I delve into your progressing manuscript, offer suggestions on content, organization, structure and marketability. One-on-One coaching is more than a simple motivational conference call, it’s where I personally review your manuscript as it’s being written and help you create a stronger, more professional book. One-on-One Coaching packages range from one 30-minute session to a package of six sessions. The more sessions you buy at a time, the higher your discount! If you require deeper coaching such as sentence structure, market research, etc., we can discuss a custom package for you. This is not ghostwriting. I truly believe the only person capable of writing your book is you, from your own experiences and knowledge. I’m just along for the ride to make it a little easier on you.

Book Marketing
Usually once someone starts working with us they don’t want to go elsewhere for their book marketing needs, so I created the Market My Book!™ program as a do-it-yourself book marketing digital product, which was added to other services we already offered.

Market My Book!™ – This program is designed to teach you how to create a 4-month book marketing plan in less than one hour. It comes in the form of a digital product you can instantly access from any computer. As soon as you sign up, you’re sent a link to download and print the Action Guide and all the bonuses, as well as a link to the hour-long video course. The video course will walk you through multiple book marketing tactics, grouped by price: free, low cost, mid-range cost and high investment. I not only show you what tactics to use, but when to use them and how to form the overall strategy, which is the key to any book marketing plan’s success. This plan retails for $197, a heck of a deal for the power it will give you over your book’s marketing, and it is included with the I am Published!™ Platinum package.

Graphic Design – You will almost always need some form of printed material to advertise your book, whether it’s bookmarks, postcards, business cards or posters. You might also need a custom website, logo, banner ads or Facebook graphics to showcase your book online. The same professional graphics department that created your killer book cover and fancy interior layout can create marketing materials that showcase your expertise and your book. And the best part is, they know the publishing industry, unlike other graphics firms and “discount” service providers. In graphic design, quality matters, but almost as important as quality is what type of files the designer gives the client. We have had to re-design tons of Photoshop documents because they were done poorly, and because Photoshop is a photo editing program – not a design program. You can easily waste your time and money choosing a cheap route. Our designers have a combined over 20 years of experience and excel at all things design. If it can be printed or viewed online and it’s graphical in nature, our Art Department can create it!

As you can see, our range of services is specific to the independent author or business owner who wants to spread their message to the world in book format. If it can be written, we can turn it into a book. You’re already an expert on your topic. We just make it so the world knows you’re the only one they should call when they need what you have to offer!

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