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Remember... I've started over 50 publishing companies and published well over 200 books and eBooks....

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You may have heard my story before... How I published 18 books in 18 weeks on Kindle. But that is truly just the middle of my story. Before I ever published on Kindle I'd already built many publishing companies, published many best selling books with/for my clients and helped others build their own successful entrepreneur businesses around their writing and publishing.




Here are some of the superstars I've worked with...


Business Coach Adds $7,500 to His Bottom Line... with ONLY 100 Book Sales!

Math geek and all around great instructor, Bob the Teacher Jenkins independently published his first book, Take Action! Revise Later using the tools I teach you in this course. As a direct result of using this book as a gateway to his coaching programs, live events, and online marketing courses, he discovered that for every 100 $17 books he sells, he averages a profit of at least $7,500!


First-Time Independent Author Lands Major Book Deal

As a direct result from publishing the book Dr. Mommy's Life Lessons through her own publishing company, Dr. Daisy Sutherland received a message from a publicist of a major traditional publishing house with a traditional publishing contract author. They told her they wanted her as one of their mainstream authors because she independently published her first book the "right" way. Not only did she receive a lucrative traditional publishing contract, but her success since catapulted into a nationally-acclaimed speaker and expert... And it all started with one little independently published book!


Real Estate Investor Creates Jobs for the Local Economy

Karen Rittenhouse independently published her books with the tools I’ll teach you in this program. Since publishing, she has held multiple book signings at Barnes & Noble and her business has skyrocketed to the point she’s had to double her office space and add more employees. As direct result of publishing her books and increasing her credibility, she’s been able to create jobs in her local economy, impacting hundreds of lives!

This Advanced Publishing Ninja course is designed to take you beyond the basics and into the nitty-gritty start-to-finish process of handling publishing projects! This is NOT everything you need to know...these topics are above-and-BEYOND the Book Publishing Ninja course, where all the bases are covered to start & run a successful Publishing business.

Here's what you'll learn in this course:

Session 1: Niche Publishing

Beyond personal branding, beyond book branding...this is in-depth training on setting your publishing business in a powerful, profitable niche!

Session 2: Start-to-Finish Strategy

The EXACT start-to-finish strategy for getting high-end clients to hand over $10k, including the tools to easily sign contracts, partnering with others, white labeling your company model & being their team etc.


My 300+ step TEAM CHECKLIST so you won't miss a single step in the process for a client!

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