Now what?

You built it so they should come,  right?

We hear you. On this page, I'm going to share with you the key to making the most with the your book, and exactly how to build a solid authorpreneur foundation you can use to reach more people with your message and increase the numbers in your bank account.

After all, you've put the time and effort into creating your credibility-building book in order to build a successful business, reach millions of readers with your message and support yourself, your kids and your grand kids, right? So where are those profits you've been looking for?money

It's high time you stop toying with your success
and make a decision to go...

Here's the thing...

There are only two ways to become a successful, profitable authorpreneur:

Sell a heck of a lot of books


Sell the heck out of you -- your expertise, services or products

So how the heck do you do THAT?!?

In my dozen+ years of online business building, publishing and training experience, I've discovered there are unique, actionable strategies successful authorpreneurs use to go from "I wrote a book" to "I built an uber-profitable business!" The typical cookie-cutter "just get yourself out there" guru teaching isn't enough to combine the power of the right strategy with the right platform and the right branding, list building and product creation to truly leverage your expertise and increase the commas in your bank account.

Now, don't get overwhelmed. Not yet!

Because here's my EXACT PROVEN formula on how to go from product to profit...

That's right, I'm going to GIVE it to you for FREE, right here on this page!
(No opt-in necessary! WHOOP!)


Hobbyville to Profit City Step-by-Step Tutorial

Every year tens of thousands of books are released on Kindle and thousands more are released in print. Most of them only a handful of copies... the average being 75. (Guess who bought those? Yep! Don't forget to thank mom for her support!)

Now I know you aren't willing to settle for selling just a couple copies. After all, you have lives to change, a message to share, people to entertain and bring joy and laughter to, and your own bank account to fill. You didn't get into this author realm to mess around!

Your book is published, so at this point you have a couple options... You could hire a professional PR firm to market you, your book and your business. Hmmm... Want to know how much that investment will cost?

Here's what I learned from my personal friends in the professional PR industry. At the very least, you'll be shelling out $10,000 or around $5,000/month to get a PR firm to do do bare-minimum marketing for your projects and products!

WOW. That's a lot of dough. Which could make a lot of cookies. Which could make a LOT of children happy... and drain a LOT of cash from your bank account.

I've had clients choose this route and my response? "DANG! Don't quit your day job!"

Instead, Here are My TOP 3 Secret-Sauce, Proven Time and Time Again Fast-Forward-Past-"GO"-NOW-and-Land-Directly-in-Profit-City Authorpreneur Success Steps...

Step 1: Know WHO your audience is and WHERE to reach them.

This may seem as obvious as a neon orange elephant dancing the Nutcracker through your local Target, but if you don't know who it is you're trying to reach, how would you even start looking for where to reach them?

Maybe you think you already know who your audience is... but do you really? Or are you guessing? Not knowing the exact single person you're trying to reach is like trying to shoot a target located a mile away swinging from a tree while you're hanging upside-down by a rope, blindfolded, with one arm tied behind your back... and the other arm strapped to your leg while your crossbow is hanging by another 5-foot cord off your waist... I.M.P.O.S.S.I.B.L.E.

(An excessive amount of periods have been added for emphasis... please don't judge.)

You may have a general idea as to who and where that target is, but if you're not 100%-specifically sure, then you're still dangling a mile away flailing about AND the chances are much less likely that you'll hit your target... and much more likely you'll shoot yourself in the foot. OUCH!

All that to say, do yourself a favor and take some time to  carefully and specifically analyze your audience.

In order to identify specifically who they are and where they're hanging out, ask these three key questions:

  • Who (specifically) has asked me questions about my expertise?
  • How did they find me (specifically)?
  • Where (be specific) do they hang out?

If you take the time to very specifically analyze who your audience is and where they are, you'll be well on your way to locating and reaching your target audience... And when you do this Every. Single. Time.  your success (and profits) will skyrocket! (Less periods for emphasis and just as important! Oh did you catch that little important note about being specifically specific? Good. Moving on...)

Once you've mastered Step 1, move on to...

Step 2: Entice your audience to gather together

If you don't have one central location for your audience to gather, you're still trying to reach them one-at-a-time from that rope you're dangling from a mile away... and that's not a good or comfortable place to be (my arm is starting to hurt!). The real secret to reaching your peeps on a regular basis is to have a list.

EEEEEKKKKKK!!!!!! A LIST?!? (Yes, that word has sent many an aspiring author running for cover at their nearest chocolate shop...)

But it doesn't have to scare an additional 30 pounds onto your body.

All you need is something enticing to get people to say, "Yes! Please deliver fun love notes in my inbox whenever you want!" (Keep it clean... HEY! Get your mind out of that gutter!! Sheesh...) Give them something simple, like a checklist. Or a coloring page. Or a profile sheet of your main character. This is what we pros in the industry affectionately call... ahem... [Insert booming, echoey voice here] the "ethicaaal briiiibe."

Don't hold your breath now... The steps to bringing your audience together are very simple.

  1. Create your ethical bribe
  2. Hook it up to an email management system,
  3. Ask people to sign up.

Yes, it can be that easy!

And then what...???

Well, the next and last step is where the rubber meets the road, the chickens come home to roost and the dollars really start stacking up! (No rubber, chickens or rubber chickens were harmed in the writing of this section.)

Step 3: Grow your platform

This step is really the first day of the rest of your authorpreneur life.

There are a lot of directions you can take, including your website, blogging, podcasting, Facebook marketing, press releases, TV appearances, virtual book tours, advanced list building tactics, interviews, webinars, training courses, [DEEEEEEEP BREATH....] ...telesummits, physical products, Pinterest, advanced writing techniques such as using pen names, and oh soooooooooooo much more! (Excessive amount of "o"s added for emphasis.)

This is the singular most important step in your overall empire-building strategy. And no, the secret isn't to put everything everywhere and expect everyone to respond by buying your book and other products and services. (Despite what many so-called book marketing "gurus" will teach you!) In fact, if you keep putting everything everywhere for everyone to see, you'll quickly lose energy and every day will feel increasingly overwhelming as you drown yourself in to-dos that aren't really seeing results. (Excessive amounts of "every" used for emphasis.)

And... you're back to where you're at right now, overwhelmed with way too many cookies and way too little money in your bank account.

That, my friend, is NOT a happy place to be. Unless you REALLY like cookies. And if they're gluten-free... (Contact my support staff if you want to offload those extra gluten-free cookies...)

So what's an author to do? Where does the magic begin?

How do you avoid the insanity & overload WHILE you build a crazy awesome Profit City Authorpreneur Platform?


Drumroll please..................................................

(Excessive number of periods used for emphasis.)

Authorpreneur Mastery

Meet Fred... Your Authorpreneur Mastery Concierge

sad-fredInstead of stumbling around, wearing yourself out and driving yourself crazy... just you sad and alone all by yourself (well, you and your cookies)... why not join my exclusive super-smart all-stars in the Authorpreneur Mastery Mentoring Program for the best combination of top-level training by yours truly (ahem... that's ME!), along with special and exclusive guests PLUS all the tools you need to build a super-successful, profitable and marketable enterprise?

I know it might look like climbing Mount Everest right now, but the courses already in the tool chest of every Authorpreneur Mastery Member along with the new upcoming courses you'll continue to have access to inside the Members Vault are the exact tools I've personally taken my super successful one-on-one coaching clients through time and time again!

This training was previously only available for a high-end coaching program (running anywhere from $450-$650/month) and now I'm putting it all in one place, ready for your action-taking energy to run with!

Seriously, my biggest joy is seeing not just my clients' books written, published and out there for the world to LOVE, but I want you to see that LOVE returned to you in "certificates of appreciation"...with a LOT of zeros behind them! Know what I mean? It's the monetary success that separates the hobbyists from the authorpreneurs.

Great ideas
+ Actionable Strategies
+ Profitable Experience
= Strong, Growing Authorpreneurs!

Where are you going to find the ACTIONABLE STRATEGIES along with PROFITABLE EXPERIENCE to add together with your amazingly great ideas? Right here. That is where. Hey, you're in the right place!

The only place I'm hoarding the ultra high-end, super brilliant, step-by-step success strategies that will vault you right out of Hobbyville and straight into the running for the readers, reach and market that will bring you the profits you dream of... is right here in Authorpreneur Mastery!

You may have thought I was smart before... just wait until you see what gems are hidden in this series of courses! (Or you may not know who the heck I am, but rest assured, I'm someone you want to know... after all, I like cookies, so I can't be that bad, can I? 😉 )

Brian Parsons

To date, I have always received excellent value for the money I have invested in Kristen Joy’s online courses. In fact, they are some of the best value training I have ever undertaken. Kristen delivers every time… and then she goes even further, and delivers again on top of that! And the information is practical, down to earth, and she continually updates the information so that it remains up-to-date. She creates online communities of supportive students, who she actively interacts with, so you always feel supported, and no question is left unanswered, either by herself or her excellent support staff.


I believe that one of the things you need to do to remain successful online, if you are in it for the long-term, in whatever niche you have chosen, is to find top-notch gurus, people who are experts in their markets, and then you stay part of their tribe, so that when they say “Hey everyone, we need to take a left!” because Amazon has changed their algorithms say, then you get that information quickly, and you are not left out in the cold. For me, in the world of online and physical publishing, Kristen Joy is one of those precious gurus, and she truly warrants the name of the Book Ninja! I highly recommend any of her courses, they are excellent value, each and every time.
Brian Parsons

kristen-picWhy listen to this ninja?

Over the past decade I've started over 50 publishing companies, built a multi-six-figure publishing empire, completely rebranded myself and my company three times, PLUS personally coached multiple-six-figure business owners to massive success using their independently published books as their foundation! (Little-known unpopular people you've probably never heard of like Guy Kawasaki, Felicia Slattery, Dr. Daisy Sutherland, Paul Evans, Carrie Wilkerson, Nicole Dean, Bob The Teacher Jenkins, Rahna Barthelmess... just to name a few. OK name dropping is done... for now. 😉 )

So, the question is... are you ready for the Authorpreneur Mastery Mentoring Program?

This exclusive program is for you if...

  • You've written a book but you're not seeing the money flow in like you'd hoped
  • You have a business and want to use your book to BOOST your reach, marketing and add a few more zeros to your royalty checks
  • You KNOW your ideas and expertise are profitable, but you haven't seen the cash flow you want yet
  • You love being an author, but you're ready for the profits to match the brilliance of your writing
  • Credibility... got it! Ideas... got em! A book or two... done that! So, where are the profits already?
  • Show me to fish--oh yeah! I'll fish... Taking action is my middle name... But where do I start?


This mentoring program isn't for everyone!

The dozen+ Secret Strategy Courses I'll share with you in this powerful mentoring program are a bit unusual, filled with fun, adventure and a bit of sassiness. I assure you, they are 100% safe and legal. But they do require action. If you aren't ready to take action, this advanced success strategies program probably isn't for you.

In addition, while not required, being published is a big help to making the courses in this program work for you. Sure, you can implement many of the strategies I teach before your book is finished, and many more will only be useful to you if you have something to sell. After all, if you don't have something to sell, you have nothing to sell... uh... yeah. That.

yes let me in


Here's what you get...

A fully-immersive book-and-business mentorship program:

The full Authorpreneur Mastery program includes every AM course I've already taught, every course I will ever teach (my ideas are as endless as that book you've been trying to edit for the last three years), and LIVE ACCESS to any and all new courses as they're added to the program (in other words, you, a Lifetime Authorpreneur Mastery Member, get to participate in every course as it's taught and ask questions during the LIVE Q&A time included with each course!).

With this complete book-and-business marketing program, you'll have a fully integrated marketing plan that brings together your business, brand and book to increase sales, your reach and long-term scalability!

It's like adding meat to the hamburger (sorry vegetarians, vegans and raw folk of the world)... Without the meat, it's just a few veggies on a bun.

Without this program, your marketing plan is like a few tactics thrown in the wind.

And it's not nearly as tasty as a few veggies on a bun.


Not quite ready for the whole kit and kaboodle yet? Grab Individual Authorpreneur Mastery Courses A'la Carte right HERE!

(Warning: If you collect them all, you'll end up paying more.)

Authorpreneur Mastery: Build Your Successful Author Marketing Platform

This foundational AM course takes you through all the necessary steps you need to create your overarching Author Platform. It's essential to your success as an authorpreneur!

  • Discover the 6 essential components of a successful marketing plan.
  • Get a detailed crash course in branding and how to make your brand stand out and be effective.
  • Learn the secrets the pros use to add back-end services to their books, AND more commas to their bank accounts.
  • Find out the secret to linking products to your book for the ultimate sexy back-end.
  • Discover the secrets to getting new customers through "external" marketing.
  • Get the secret sauce to keeping customers coming back for more with "internal" marketing.
  • Quality or quantity? Which one? Both? How? Get your answers here...
  • How to build partnerships to further your reach... and your profits.
  • And more!

Authorpreneur Mastery: Virtual Book Tour Secrets

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Authorpreneur Mastery: Create & Promote the Perfect Product

Curious? Don't want to miss this course? Join as a VIP Authorpreneur Mastery Lifetime Member and get this course AUTOMAGICALLY with an exclusive invite to the LIVE training!

Authorpreneur Mastery: R.E.A.C.H. Your Perfect Customer

This foundational AM course gives you the essential tools to discover and, more importantly, reach your target customer. Grab this course if you're not sure where to find people who will buy your book.

  • Recon: Understand who they are and how they think.
  • Engage: Know your U.S.P. (Don't know what that is? Then you need this course!)
  • Advance: Find out where to find your customers.
  • Compete: Know your competition... so you're not left in the dust.
  • Help: Discover the best way to keep your customers coming back for more.
  • And more! (Naturally...)

Authorpreneur Mastery: Facebook Marketing Strategies

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Authorpreneur Mastery: Incredible Interviews

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Authorpreneur Mastery: Grow Your Biz from Pennies to Dollars

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Authorpreneur Mastery: List Building for Authors

You wanted it, so I delivered! I can't tell you how many times I've been asked to teach this course... (If I only had a nickel... or would inflation make it a quarter? lol) This is THE fully comprehensive course you need to build your list!

  • Discover the various types of lists, who makes up these lists, and the list you already have that you don't even think is a list.
  • How to manage your lists... software and tools demystified!
  • The #1 way to piss off your customers... and how not to. (Yeah, we really prefer happy customers!)
  • How to grow your list from zero, to thousands, to 10,000+!
  • The nitty gritty of free opt-ins.
  • Online list building strategies? Got 'em covered! Offline strategies? Got those, too!
  • How to make the transition from beginner list builder to advanced.
  • Step-by-step how to build your list starting with.... ZERO. (Yep, newbies welcome!)
  • Advanced list building strategies... beyond the lead, and even beyond the sale.
  • And... yep... more!

Authorpreneur Mastery: The Powerhouse of Physical Products

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Authorpreneur Mastery: Marketing Maven... Offline!

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Authorpreneur Mastery: Power-Packed Pen Names

Another much-asked-for training, here you go... a course completely, 100% dedicated to pen names! Writing under a pen name raises a TON of questions, especially about marketing that book... that's not really written by you... or is it?

IMPORTANT! ONLY Lifetime Authorpreneur Mastery Members get access to the LIVE training. If you purchase this course a'la carte, you'll receive access after the training is fully delivered.

  • Discover when and when not to use a pen name.
  • How to choose your pen name.
  • How to handle copyright with a pen name.
  • How to publish a pen name-written book.
  • Pen name branding... handling headshots, etc.
  • Social Media legalities... and how not to break the rules and lose your account.
  • How to market your pen-name-written book.
  • How to use Amazon Author Central with your pen name.
  • Physical marketing... (Who are you again?)
  • How to transition from fake to real.
  • And... always... more!

Authorpreneur Mastery: Wield the Webinar Weapon

Curious? Don't want to miss this course? Join as a VIP Authorpreneur Mastery Lifetime Member and get this course AUTOMAGICALLY with an exclusive invite to the LIVE training!