It's Time for You to Get the High Quality Book Reviews You DESERVE!

Getting high quality book reviews can feel like pulling teeth. Even if you already have my Book Review Templates Bundle, there's much more that goes into getting reviewers to say, "Yes!" then actually writing and posting their reviews.

The fact is, it's easy to say yes to something. It's much harder to take action. And as an author, it's even harder to get others to take action.

That's where this Author's Quick Course comes in.

Here's what's covered in my new "How to Get High Quality Book Reviews" Author's Quick Course:

Session 1: The Nitty Gritty of Reviews

  • The truth about book reviews. (And the direct impact they have on your sales.)
  • What to use reviews for... (There's so much more to a review than Amazon!)
  • Free vs. paid book reviews... (What's legal and what will get you the best results.)
  • The best professional review services breakdown. (And when you may consider using them.)
  • Exactly where to showcase your book's reviews. (And get thousands of more eyeballs on your book!)
  • Amazon's review visibility strategies. (How to get your readers' reviews to actually show up on Amazon.)
  • And more!

Session 2: Your Tribe & The Process

  • How to use reviews to build your tribe. (And increase the reach of your author platform.)
  • The must-haves to have in place for book reviewers. (To make it easier for them to actually follow through.)
  • The exact process of working with book reviewers (both free and paid).
  • How to use Goodreads. (This section is so huge a few words won't come close to covering what you'll learn!)
  • How to handle negative reviews. (And use them to generate MORE sales.)
  • My ninja top secret book review resources. (That will save you time, energy and money.)
  • And much more!

Session 3: Live Demo Case Study

  • "Look Over My Shoulder" step-by-step case study. (Watch, then repeat exactly what I do to set up a book review campaign and reach out to reviewers!)
  • My personal Book Review Tracking System... in action. (Easily keep track of who's reviewed your book, when they posted, and how to follow up.)
  • A freaking amazing incredible new tool to help you get more reviewers in less time... Revealed! (This thing is guaranteed to BLOW. YOUR. MIND!)
  • And so much more!

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