40 + Client Communications Templates that will take your Publishing services to the NEXT level!

Kristen Joy's personal, professional client communications templates created over more than a dozen years in the publishing industry. Designed to go hand-in-hand with the "ULTIMATE NINJA BADASS CLIENT CHECKLIST" currently available EXCLUSIVELY to Advanced Publishing Ninja students ONLY.


Here is a FULL list of the over-40 client email communications templates included in this huge bundle.


Sample Welcome Email

Strategy Scheduling Session Notice

Request for Author Materials

Address Verification

ISBN Registration Notification

Printer Choice Request

Editing Notice

Notice to Review Edits

Notice to Review Edits -- Second Pass

Copy Design Notice

Review Front Cover Concepts

Review Front Cover Proof I

Review Front Cover Proof II

Review Front Cover Proof III

Front Cover Revisions

Front Cover File Download

Review Back Cover Proof I

Review Back Cover Proof II

Review Back Cover Proof III

Review Back Cover Proof IV

Review Sample Chapter

Review Interior Proof

Review Interior Proof II

Review Interior Proof III

Review Final Interior Proof

LOC Account Created

Price Your Book

Proof Shipping Address Verification

Proof Shipping

Printer Setup And Files Uploaded

Hard Copy Proof Ordered

Hard Copy Proof Received 

Choose Your E-Book Distributor

E-Book Account Details

E-Book Account Setup

E-Book Being Converted

Download Your E-book Files

Your E-Book Is Uploaded

Final Training

Final Training Word File

Download Your Training and OTHER IMPORTANT Info

Copyright Registered