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Option 2: MEGA Kindle Challenge + Publishing Ninja Bundle
  • Get instant access to the Kindle Challenge and these other two Signature Courses: Book Publishing Ninja and Advanced Publishing Ninja!
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You're probably closer to being published on Kindle than you realize...
A LOT closer.

Now YOU can learn how to Write, Format, Publish AND Market Your OWN Kindle book easier, quicker and more beautifully than you’ve ever imagined!


Skip to the head of the class and be prepared to create AND PUBLISH your own beautiful Kindle book by the end of this amazing training experience!

I've been wanting to be a published author for a long time so when I saw Kristen's Kindle in 30 Challenge, I knew I wanted in! The challenge was jam packed with information and the Facebook group is always hopping! Best of all, I came away as a published Kindle author AND an Amazon best-selling author who gets to add all the fancy "As Seen On" titles to my website! Priceless!

- Shelley Webb, R.N., GCM

Kindle in 30 Challenge

These 4 unique training weeks begin with the basics and take you step-by-step through writing, publishing and marketing all the way to advanced, money-making, business-building strategies.


  • NO MORE STUCKNESS: Decide on a topic and series, the best software, speed up the writing process, your best title, & more! (Your writing talent maximized!)
  • BE KNOWN: Branding, business, ISBNs, ASINs, cover design, your “first date,” and more. (Your books set up for profitable success from the start!)
  • GET FOUND....AND FOLLOWED: Market research tricks, how to build your list, how to entice readers to get on a list, how to find reviewers, get book reviews, and more! (Create a loyal and excited readership!)


  • GET IT DONE: Coolest action-driving writing apps, how to stay focused, eliminate distractions, and more! (Stock your toolbox with the BEST tools!)
  • AVOID LEGAL ISSUES: When to use pictures, image sizes and specs, where to get legal free pictures, how to avoid being sued, & more. (Peace of mind! Priceless!!)
  • PUT YOUR SALES ON STEROIDS: How to write your Author Bio and the ninja place to put it, how to use links, make your thank-you page bring more sales, how to sell inside your book, and more. (Rocket boost your income possibilities!)

Centralizing my knowledge into my book series would not have been possible without Kristen's Kindle in 30 Challenge. I got clarity and support along with a very supportive group that I could bounce ideas off of while I built my own tribe. I recouped my total investment within the first couple of weeks, and am enjoying all the business opportunities that come with having an easy-to-consume product that I can offer to a massive audience who will benefit from my expertise. Thank you Kristen!

- Stephan Hovnanian

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Option 2: MEGA Kindle Challenge + Publishing Ninja Bundle
  • Get instant access to the Kindle Challenge and these other two Signature Courses: Book Publishing Ninja and Advanced Publishing Ninja!
Get Access Now!

($5626+ value)

I signed up for Kristen's 30 Day Kindle Challenge after being on her email lists for years - but still not getting my book written. And now it is - although not the one I thought I'd start with. Kristen had me think about a series not just one book. Turns out the more logical one to start with was different than I had planned. Her materials were great. Very organized and progressed at a good pace to not overwhelm us. The Q&A calls were fast paced and answered everyone's questions. The Facebook group is a huge benefit. It's amazingly active and holds you accountable. And all this is for life. I'm counting on the group to get me through the marketing of my book. Don't hesitate. It's worth far more than it costs!

- Diane Howell Hopkis


  • ENHANCE YOUR WRITING: How to structure your book, capture your character’s voice, keep your readers engaged, and more! (Supercharge your writing and take it to the next level!)
  • THE PROFESSIONAL EDGE: How not to look “self-published,” clean up your document, make “pages,” create a TOC, and more. (Look like and be your own professional publisher.)
  • PRICE IT RIGHT, GET IT FOUND: The best categories, how to price fiction and non-fiction, when to use Kindle Select, and more! (Your passion transformed into profits!)

I cannot tell you how much great info I've gotten from these classes. You've saved me weeks of research and got me fired up. Thank you for doing what you do!

- Jeanne Goldie


  • MAKE IT OR BREAK IT: The #1 thing that will...make it or break it, how to self-edit and save money, find quality free editors, how to work with a pro, and more. (No author writes great books alone; you don't have to either!)
  • PEN NAMES, FORMATTING, AND BEYOND: When to choose a pen name, MOBI vs. EPUB, when to expand past Kindle, and more. (No need to trip over the tech. Simple solutions that everyone can use. Really!)
  • MAXIMIZE YOUR SALES: My personal step-by-step book launch formula, where to find launch partners, how to create a launch kit, be a best-selling author, and more! (Get your book(s) rocket boosted into the publishing stratosphere, without stress or struggle. The keys are all right here!)

PLUS these Option #1 BONUSES...

  • Author's Quick Guide to Staying Focused and Motivated e-book
  • My personal exclusive Ultimate 50 Titles Template to help you create a killer book title
  • Killer Book Title Checklist
  • Non-fiction writing templates in Microsoft Word for self-help (print), business how-to (print), and a fully customizable Kindle book template for fiction or non-fiction
  • FREE instant access to How to Use Scrivener to Write Your Book FAST training by Joseph Michael, the Scrivener Coach
  • Author's Quick Guide to Shaking Procrastination and Getting 'Er Done e-book

Choose your option!

Option 2: MEGA Kindle Challenge + Publishing Ninja Bundle
  • Get instant access to the Kindle Challenge and these other two Signature Courses: Book Publishing Ninja and Advanced Publishing Ninja!
Get Access Now!

($5626+ value)

I love the Kindle in 30 series system. It was just what I needed to make my Kindle books more profitable. I'm on fire!

- Carol Anne Chapman

The VERY BEST value -->
MEGA Publishing Challenge = Ninja Publishing Bundle

This “Kindle in 30 Challenge + Ninja Publishing Mega Bundle” includes the COMPLETE Kindle in 30 Challenge AND two high level publishing courses: Book Publishing Ninja and Advanced Publishing Ninja at a steep bundle discount.

In the Book Publishing Ninja and Advanced Publishing Ninja courses you will discover...

  • PUBLISHER BRANDING: How to look "official" to readers AND retail book buyers, decide on a brand, what colors to use, how to easily create a logo, terms like "DBA" and "imprint" demystified, publisher websites and more. (Stop just playing around... Be a REAL publisher!)
  • PUBLISHER REGISTRATIONS: How to get REAL ISBNs, how to handle sales tax and business licenses, which printer to use, Library of Congress and CIPs, how to file copyright, forms of copyright, and more. (Set up a REAL publishing company!)
  • TEAM BUILDING: When you need a team, how and where to find them, warning signs you're being ripped off, the nitty-gritty of contracts, how to track projects, team management secrets, and more. (Make life easier so you can publish more books!)
  • FORMATS & DISTRIBUTION: Which books require what formats, how to be strategic with formats, make it easy for stores to buy your book, how to get into libraries, how to pre-sell your book on your website, and more. (End confusion once and for all!)
  • SELF VS. PUBLISHER: How to publish OTHER people's books, customer contracts, my personal six-figure publishing empire formula, various publishing models and more! (My personal "Business in a Box!")
  • NICHE PUBLISHING: Pros and cons of publishing niches, how to combine your love and what works, which publishing model fits which niche best, top secret niche strategies and more. (Target the most profitable niche for you!)
  • $10K PER CLIENT STRATEGY: In-depth on copyright for you and your clients, US Copyright demo, who owns what, step-by-step how to handle copyright infringement, when and how to obtain permission, work-for-hire, NDA's, contracts and more! (How to get someone to hand you $10,000!)
  • BUNDLE SECRETS: How to create lucrative publishing packages, what to bundle when, how to negotiate client contracts and more! (Increase your income without increasing your time!)
  • FIGHT AND FIRE: When and why to fight a client, when to fire a client and step-by-step how to, step-by-step how to confront a slacking team member and more. (Make your company run smoothly!)

And these Option #2 ONLY BONUSES...

  • 10 templates to communicate with your clients.
  • My personal team member rolodex.
  • MS Excel files of my royalty reports and a how-to video on how to use them.
  • My personal 300+ step team checklist to manage every book publishing project.
  • CPA QnA Session all about the business of publishing and taxes.
  • "Members' Only" accountability and brainstorming group.

FAST ACTION Option #2 only BONUS!!!

  • 21 exclusive contracts and documents I use(d) in my own publishing company.

I was not a Kindle newbie so I took the Challenge mostly to get the motivation going, but in the process something unexpected happened... I learned a lot! As a result, I'm going to redo the books I already have on Kindle. Kristen is so knowledgeable and she shares. So it's great whether you are new or not. Thanks for everything Kristen!

- Patricia Stallworth

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Ninja energy now! 

Option 2: MEGA Kindle Challenge + Publishing Ninja Bundle
  • Get instant access to the Kindle Challenge and these other two Signature Courses: Book Publishing Ninja and Advanced Publishing Ninja!
Get Access Now!

($5626+ value)

Kristen's positive energy, keep-it-real approach and ability to cut through the extraneous and hone in on the key elements is a true gift! I'm tickled to be orbiting her planet!

- Christy M. Johnson

When I started the Kindle in 30 Challenge, I didn't see how I could complete one book. All I could see were the obstacles. Then, every lesson... every recording... every piece of homework... every bit of coaching paved the way for a different kind of vision and different kinds of action. Now, one book is out to professional editors and two more have rough drafts complete. I now Believe!

- Chuck Sutherland

I have never published a Kindle book, but had it in my heart to do. I was blessed to find Kristen Joy and take her Kindle in 30 Challenge. The task seemed daunting at first, but through the knowledge I gained in her series and coaching calls, I was able to get my first Kindle book finished within the 30 day time frame.

- Maribeth Alexander

I have been following Kristen's success online and she is the real deal. Although I have published 30+ books, I decided to take her Kindle in 30 Challenge. I found myself learning new things and especially loved the accountability and support within the private Facebook group. As a result of this challenge, I created the Book Marketing Survival Guide Series with my co-author, Heather Hart. I highly recommend Kristen's Kindle in 30 Challenge!

- Shelley Hitz

Breakthrough! I've been wanting to publish my books on Amazon for years, but there were so many details to figure out, it was overwhelming. With Kristen's detailed nuts and bolts teaching and her willingness to answer every question, and with the great support of the people in the Facebook group, I published not one, but TWO #1 Amazon bestsellers!

- Rae Shagalov

Any person who is at all wondering about any part of the publishing process should sign up for Kristen's Kindle in 30 Challenge. She covers all the bases from content creation, to the detailed aspects of software, to formatting and editing of your book, to book cover design and marketing. It's comprehensive without being overwhelming.

- Dorothy Tannahill-Morgan

Kristen Joy is the real deal - she is The Book Ninja. In Kristen's Kindle in 30 Challenge, I learned more about all aspects of publishing on Kindle than I have from any other book publishing coach. At the time of the challenge, I had just released my first book, Think It->Say It->Be It: Use Your Words to Change Your Life I wish I had discovered Kristen beforehand! I learned her Ninja tricks for marketing that I now use to bring in more ebook sales. The challenge enabled me to create my Kindle series, Color Me Healthy, Wealthy & Wise: 7 Keys to Unlock Your Energy Blueprint. If you are an aspiring author who wants to be successful in writing, promoting, and publishing your book, I highly recommend participating in Kristen's Kindle in 30 Challenge. Go for it!

- Carolyn White, PhD

How could I not be happy, given I got 3 full-length books done in such a short time, when the one before this took me 5 months!? I had been thinking about creating a series for a while, but thinking about doing it and getting it done are two entirely different things! Kristen's challenge came along at just the right time for me. Although I had published before and it was the accountability I was most looking for, she does cover everything in detail for beginners. The Facebook group was very supportive (and still is, months later) and the weekly lessons gave a good push too - result I completed my manuscript within 30 days. If you want to create a Kindle book (or better still, a series of them) this is a great course and a great group of authors to get to know.

- Ana Wilde

The Kindle in 30 Challenge enabled me to finally publish my Ebook! I think my book would still be sitting on my hard drive and I would still be dreaming about publishing if I hadn’t had encouragement, accountability, feedback, insider knowledge, and the opportunity to get my questions answered - the challenge provided that in bucket loads. Every time I hit an obstacle I had somewhere to go for the help I needed to keep me going, help me to cross the finishing line, and publish and sell my book.

- Lynne Lee

The Kindle in 30 Challenge helped me put together my fiction writers' series, "Creating Magic." It is a 10-book Kindle $.99 book series. Two books are published. Another one will be published this week. I would not have even thought about creating this series, if I had not taken the Kindle in 30 Challenge. It is Kristen's expertise in what to put into the book that is key to making a Kindle book help sell your other products. Kristen Joy is a rare jewel. She not only teaches, she makes learning fun. Thank you, Kristen!

- Connie Dunn

Think long and hard before you pass up an opportunity to participate in this Challenge and interaction with all the quality writer participants Kristen recruits, beginners and multi-published. Plus there are bonus add-on experts with their specialties. Don't fret over the cost. Its worth it.Don't say you don't have the time. You'll find it. If you want a faster path to improved quality writing in less time, an opportunity for flawless publishing, and developing a highly effective, productive marketing process, join Kristen's private group. You'll learn more than even you thought there was to learn. Or don't and you'll be at the rear of the learning line. To paraphrase what Ross Perot once said "that sucking sound you hear" will be her group of successful author alumni passing you by! I joined the Kindle in 30 Challenge and was truly challenged to learn it as fast as she offered. Good news is all the training materials are available for life if you want to brush up. It kicked me in the butt. Enough that I completed a fiction story draft and an outline and half a draft of my first nonfiction book. My butt's a little sore, my brain's still going full speed, but I got a lot done and know how to keep it going at peak performance. As Nike says, "JUST DO IT!"

- Jeff Ezell

Thanks to Kristen Joy and the Kindle in 30 Challenge I am publishing my very first Kindle book! Kristen personally guides you through every step and provides everything you need for success. This experience has changed my life! On top of all that, joining the community of authors participating in this and past challenges has been a tremendous blessing that will last a lifetime. KRISTEN ROCKS!!!

- Lacinda Legate


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