Congratulations! If you're seeing this, it's because you've received a personal invitation from Kristen Joy for ongoing coaching.

This monthly coaching program will enable you to get more done in less time with expert guidance for your book and business.

With this exclusive program, you'll receive...

  • Video or Audio Calls

    Twice a month, we’ll meet via phone or Skype for 45 minutes to discuss anything with your project(s) or business that needs clarity, direction or feedback. Skype video meetings or phone coaching… it’s up to you!

  • Files and Resources

    In-between phone and video sessions, you may ask me for resources or further guidance and I’ll send them to you along with downloads of your coaching sessions.

  • As-You-Need-It Email Coaching

    Stuck on something in-between our calls? Doing your homework and need quick feedback? Just send me a quick message on Facebook, Skype or email and I’ll be there to support you and help your project(s) come to life!

Check Out What Other People are Saying about this Program

Kristen focalized my book series and the niche. She gave me contacts to help me succeed (from her golden rolodex) because frankly I'm generally overwhelmed by my tsunami waves of ideas and need support executing them effectively. Woo-Hoo Kristen!

Caryl Westmore
Caryl Westmore

When I discovered that Kristen was offering coaching, I jumped at the chance. What an opportunity, to tap into the brilliance of someone who is where I want to be. First we outlined a plan for me to create a simple but effective product that my audience would love. I sold enough to recoup my initial investment in her program in the FIRST week.

Kristen spurred me on and encouraged me to reach out to affiliate partners to promote my product again. This time, in four days, I generated $12,465 from it in combination with another offer I created on the back end that Kristen encouraged me to set up.

'Thank you' doesn't begin to cover it, so let's just say that I am grateful beyond words!

D'vorah Lansky
D'vorah Lansky

If you're in the same boat I am (creative and talented, but fat-poor-and-broke living paycheck to paycheck), you cringe at the thought of putting one more thing on your credit card or trying to squeeze extra money out of your household budget. But coaching with Kristen is a business investment you won't regret!

Over the last couple years I purchased more training videos than I can count, so I have access to all kinds of knowledge, but I didn't even know where to begin. I finally decided I had 3 choices: 1) Continue trying to figure things out on my own, without much success; 2) Give up on my dreams and be content with a "normal job" that I don't even like; or 3) Invest in achieving my financial dream by getting coaching from an expert.

I chose the third option. It changed my life. Seriously. Kristen gave me more laser-focused, step-by-step instructions in 30 minutes than I could figure out on my own in 30 weeks. I encourage any of you who are struggling with what to do next in your entrepreneurial or book writing adventures to make it a priority to get with Kristen.

Tracy Tennant
Tracy Tennant
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      What Even MORE People are Saying about Working with Kristen!

      OMG, I have to share!!! I just had a 1-on-1 call with Kristen...


      It was a wild roller coaster ride of one a-ha after another. (I had to put on a hat with a chin strap just to keep my head from popping off.) Seriously, one call generated motivation for DAYS. Weeks even!

      Do yourself a MASSIVE favor: Book your spot early. Like... NOW. The sooner you get coached, the sooner you'll ROCK your writing and career.

      Life's too short to lollygag... especially when Ninja rocket fuel is available! WOOHOO!!!

      Rena Tucker
      Rena Tucker

      Just got off the phone from a coaching session with Kristen Joy! Totally packed, totally worth it conversation. Like her courses, she had down-to-earth, tried-and-true (by her own experience), can-use-it-starting-RIGHT-NOW advice. What could be more awesome? She also loves my cover, interior layout and message of my book. She didn't mince words: 'It looks so frickin' phenomenal. You're selling a work of art, not just a message.' Woo-hoo, thank you Kristen!!

      Jenifer Joy Madden
      Jenifer Joy Madden

      Got Questions? Here are Answers!

      How do I schedule my calls? +

      After you enroll, you'll see a new page added to your Members Area for this program. Open that page (login to your Members Area first!) and schedule your first session! If there's time before your first phone or Skype coaching session and you have questions come up, use your included in-between-calls preferred contact method (regular email, Facebook Messages or Skype Chat) to contact Kristen and get answers!

      If I don't use both my calls in a month, can I use them later? +

      No. My time is juggled between other coaching clients, student needs and creating new products and trainings. If you don't use one or both of your calls, you forfeit them. Your two-calls per-month do not roll over into the next month either.

      Can I schedule additional coaching calls in one month? +

      If you're in the depths of a project or product launch, you may need more than your allotted two calls in one month. Kristen understands this, so you'll be able to grab as many additional 30-minute Kristen On Demand sessions on an as-needed basis at a members' exclusive discount. Check out your Members Area for details.

      Why should I get this program instead of Kristen On Demand sessions as I need them? +

      If you want to pay more for coaching, you can purchase as many Kristen On Demand sessions as you wish. This program was created for students who need more intense ongoing support, accountability and help. Calls are structured to be longer so you can cover more ground and the in-between email/chat support is something you don't get with On Demand sessions.

      What if I really need to speak with Kristen before my scheduled coaching call? +

      Kristen understands sometimes stuff comes up and you need a quick opinion or feedback on a decision, direction or strategy, so that's why in-between-calls email or chat coaching is included in this program. NOTE: The in-between-calls email/chat coaching is for questions as they come up and quick brainstorms only. Sometimes it's better for you and Kristen to hop on the phone or Skype than to type back and forth in a chat, so Kristen may suggest you either move up your scheduled call time or invest in an additional session via Kristen On Demand.

      Will Kristen teach me how to set up a website or other software, too? +

      While Kristen knows the basics of tech setup and can walk you through what to do, she's not a done-for-you programmer or tech coach. She'll walk you through strategies, help you choose layouts, critique your existing website, refer you to her (and others') trainings and resources that can teach you more in-depth what you want and hook you up with her personal team members should you need extra done-for-you help.

      Does this program include book cover, description, or website and sales page reviews? +

      Kristen is more than happy to use your phone or Skype coaching call time for whatever you need, including reviewing your website, copy, book description, cover design, interior layout, etc. If you feel you need more items reviewed or critiqued in-between sessions, she has critique sessions available in addition to this program. Just email her and ask about it as you need it!

      How many times can I email Kristen each month? +

      This program guarantees you'll get Kristen's attention (which always results in more than one question). Additionally, the in-between-calls email/chat coaching is for questions as they come up and quick brainstorms only. Sometimes it's better for you and Kristen to hop on the phone or Skype than to type back and forth in a chat, so Kristen may suggest you use one of your phone sessions for the brainstorm. It's at Kristen's discretion if she feels both your time is best valued in an additional phone/video coaching call or if she feels she can adequately help you in a timely manner via email or chat.

      What if I need to reschedule a call? +

      Let's face it, sometimes "life" just happens. That's why the scheduling system Kristen uses allows you to reschedule your coaching appointments up to 24 hours in advance. Please note that Kristen schedules everything else in her life and business around her coaching clients, so if you cancel at the last minute or forget and miss your time, you forfeit that call time.

      If I already have Kristen's Lifetime Email Coaching program, can I get a discount? +

      In short, no... and here's why. Kristen's Lifetime Email Coaching program limits members to one email each day, Monday through Thursday, so four emails each week. This program offers additional support via email, Facebook Messages or Skype. Need a quick brainstorm? This program guarantees you'll get Kristen's attention (which always results in more than one question). NOTE: This in-between calls coaching is for questions as they come up and quick brainstorms only. Sometimes it's better for you and Kristen to hop on the phone or Skype than to type back and forth in a chat, so Kristen may suggest you use one of your phone sessions for the brainstorm.

      Can I cancel this program and restart later? +

      While technically you can, keep in mind Kristen's personal time is limited, so she accepts a limited number of coaching clients at one time. If you leave your spot and it's taken by someone else, you may not get into the program again later until a new spot opens up.

      What is your refund policy? +

      As soon as you enroll, Kristen reserves time in her schedule for you. If you have to ask this question, you're not a good fit to work together at this level. She does not get her time back, whether you keep your end and use it or not. Therefore, since she won't get her time back, you don't get your money back. Either you're ready to work on a deeper level to achieve the results you want or you're not. It's that simple.