You are a writer.

...but are you a copywriter?

It will cost you thousands to hire a professional copywriter to create your Book Bio, your Back Cover (and everything in between) or...

You can take off your author hat for just a moment and implement some simple copywriting methods Elise, the first Book Ninja Certified Trainer, a Book Ninja Insider and the Behind-the-Scenes Business Manager here at (you guessed it) The Book Ninja, presents in this new training series.

Elise breaks down copywriting principles into simple step-by-step, lather-rinse-repeat methods specifically aimed at bringing your book projects maximum PUBLICITY, no-cost MARKETING & viral SOCIAL MEDIA reach!

With over 7 hours of training across 6 specific sessions this first Ninja Writing Moves course Writing Copy for Authors will help you discover: 

  • How to write niche-specific Book Blurbs that pull in your readers on every platform from to your website to social media and beyond!
  • How to simply create strong templates that you can use through all of your marketing to keep your copy clear, coherent and converting into sales.
  • How to translate your passion & purpose message into marketing keywords & key phrases.
  • How to approach your marketing copy for fiction or non-fiction projects with specific methods for each genre.
  • Exactly where to place your copy--online and offline, in marketing materials or on and even inside your book projects.
Ninja Writing Moves: Writing Copy for Authors

If you don't write copy that pulls in your readers, who will read your book?

  1. Your Mom
  2. Your Grandma
  3. Your Aunt Ruth
  4. Five of your Best Friends on Facebook
  5. Yourself

...and none of these will be paying customers.

Maybe not quite that bad, but close to it...

Depending on which current statistics you look at, somewhere around a million new titles are published in the United States alone each and every year. 

The average sales per book for independent/self-published titles is just 75 copies ...which means many, many, many of those 1 million books don't sell hardly at all.

Did you spend all this time writing, researching, organizing, editing, re-writing so your book could sit on your shelf without anyone reading it?

Of course not!

Do you have 10's of thousands of dollars to hire a marketing team with professional copywriters?

No again. Right?! If Elise could save you 10's of thousands of dollars, provide you detailed step-by-step, doable writing directions for each piece of copy you need to set your book project up for success while answering your questions and providing lifetime membership in the Ninja Writing Moves accountability group, what would that be worth to you?

$1000 ?

$5000 ?

But wait! There's more!

You already know about many of the benefits included with this course... know about the more-than 7 hours of training across 6 separate sessions. know about the step-by-step writing directions, checklists and exercises. know about the accountability & encouragement group. know about Elise's ongoing availability for questions. know about your instant lifetime access to all these training materials in the Book Ninja Members site.

But do you know about the bonuses?

  • BONUS # 1. LIVE QnA Webinar

    Students will be encouraged to send in questions even if they cannot attend live and the session will be recorded.
    Value: $97

  • BONUS #2. Additional Training/Demo

    Elise is offering an additional copy maximizing demo session (over 60 minutes long).
    Value: $97

  • Bonus #3. Writing Copy for Authors Checklist

    Each preparation exercise and writing step compiled in a printable (and re-printable) checklist for easy reference.
    Value: $37

  • Bonus #4. As with many Book Ninja courses... Printable Slide Files

    Printable slide files of all training sessions.
    Value: Invaluable

Ninja Writing Moves: Writing Copy for Authors
  • q-iconDo I have to have already published a book to benefit from this course?

    Absolutely not! In fact, Elise points out that writing copy for your book project at any stage in the writing/editing process is invaluable…especially before you hit “publish” on your first/next book. She addresses how to go about writing each copy item no matter which stage you are at in the writing/editing/publishing process.

  • q-iconWhat if I have questions after the live QnA webinar is over?

    Elise will be popping in to the Facebook Accountability & Encouragement group “Ninja Writing Moves” frequently to make sure everyone’s questions remain answered.

  • q-iconIs there a limit to how long I'll have access to these materials on the Book Ninja Members site?

    Nope! As long as the Internet endures you will continue to have access to all the training materials–videos, audios, checklist, etc.

  • q-iconWhat happens if I have an issue putting my order through or accessing the material once I've made my purchase?

    The awesome support team at [email protected] are always available to help you complete your order and get access to the materials. Please email [email protected] with any questions you might have.

  • q-iconAre these trainings available now or are they going to be recorded later?

    All 6 training sessions are ready for your viewing at any time on your Ninja Writing Moves : Writing Copy for Authors training page. The QnA segment will be scheduled and the link to join live or submit your questions will be put on your members page as well. Additionally, Elise’s upcoming training demo segment will be added within a few days to your training page.

  • q-iconWhat if I want Elise's personal help with my copy?

    Be sure to check the box on the checkout page for Elise’s personal critique… it’s the ONLY place you’ll see it discounted, so grab it while you can!

Refund Policy: Due to the IMMEDIATE access included in this course as well as downloadable training materials, which match exactly the offer described here, no refunds are available for this training program.