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The Pathways & Portals 01 Stock Photo Pack

We know you've spent hours searching stock photo sites for that perfect inspirational image of a path or doorway...only to be disappointed!

We've heard you complain that you are sick of the hidden & confusing high cost of stock photos from these so-called low cost sites.

We hear your frustration with all the different licenses, use restrictions and even lawsuites other authors have endured by misusing photos.

So we are bringing you the perfect solution. An exclusive, original, free-to-use for your marketing, social media, blogging and/or book cover needs SUPER PACK of PORTALS & PATHWAYS Photos! The Pathways and Portals photo pack is stocked with 100% unique and one-of-a-kind photos and includes 50 high resolution, high quality, versatile images of pathways and doorways you can use on almost anything.


Just a sampling of the photos included in this pack:

Pathways-and-Portals-02-sm Pathways-and-Portals-01

  $47  only $27 for the ENTIRE Pack today

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 Use these powerful images on...


Book covers

Blog posts

Viral infographics

Inspirational quote graphics

Website headers and graphics

Combined with other photos for any kind of artwork

The only thing you can’t do with these images is print them or publish them as-is on mugs, calendars or other products. (In other words, if you’re selling just the photo itself, you can’t use it. If, however, you’re using it for marketing, or combining it with other images, graphics, text etc. to create custom art (book covers, blog posts, social media posts etc), go for it!

All these graphical elements made from the photos in THIS exclusive pack!

Create a viral graphic to bring attention to your Facebook Page


Make your own one-of-a-kind high quality book cover!

Start your own niche Facebook group off right with high quality graphics, attracting the exact people you WANT to reach!

And so much more!!!

Get FIFTY gorgeous photos...the perfect foundation for GORGEOUS graphics,  for less than you'd pay for one high-quality unlimited license photo from those "other" guys!

There's No Reason to Wait... Beautiful original photos make all the difference!

  $47  only $27 for the ENTIRE Pack today


P.S. Watch for your exclusive opportunity to snap up a selection of royalty-free, public-domain-guaranteed quotes compiled by the Book Ninja marketer extraordinaire herself, Kristen Joy when you check out!

Refund Policy : Due to the instantly access to these invaluable photos from the Book Ninja Vault there are no refunds available for this photo pack.