This is Not a Pretty Sales Page. It's a Down-and-Dirty Designed-to-Save-You-Money Sales Page.

Read on if you're ready to use a pen name the RIGHT way, the LEGAL way, and the profit-producing way!

Writing under a pen name raises a TON of questions, especially about marketing that book... that's not really written by you... or is it?

From the marketing position you should choose, to legal ramifications & considerations through every step in choosing, implementing, marketing and profiting with a Pen Name... this high level Authorpreneur Mastery approach to Pen Names is a must for anyone interested in creating a multifaceted business using books and products!

In This Extensive Training DEDICATED To Pen Names, You Will Discover:

  • When and when NOT to use a pen name.
  • How to choose your pen name (and not be cheesy, boring, or obvious).
  • How to copyright your book with a pen name.
  • How to publish your book when it's written with a pen name.
  • How to brand yourself as a pen name... from headshots to websites and more!
  • How to stay inside social media Terms of Service.
  • How to market your pen-name written book.
  • Specific guides for marketing online from social media to websites, etc.
  • How to use Amazon Author Central with a pen name.
  • How to market your book in person... even though it's written with a pen name.
  • Transitioning from "fake" (aka: the pen name) back to your true identity...
  • And much MORE!

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I didn't have many questions going in but you know you can't ask questions you aren't aware that you need to ask. Kristen really gave an expanded understanding of what pen-names can entail and how to use them. Even though I was thinking I might not use them, she may have changed my mind.

Diane Wartelle

Going into this training I thought that pen names were only for authors who wanted to write x-rated books or something... I was very sure this wouldn't apply to me. Wow! I'm shocked! When Kristen went in to the strategy behind choosing your marketing position and then through all the possibilities... I'm amazed.

Susan Smith

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