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  • Customizable Review Tracking System to keep track of who’s agreed to review your book, where they can be contacted, when you sent your book to them for review, when to follow up, when their review is posted, and more
  • Specialized My Books Tracking System to keep all your book titles in one place, how many reviews were requested for that book, how many were posted, the average star rating, whether you should contact for more reviews, and more
  • Step-by-Step Training Video to teach you exactly how to use these systems to keep your brain from being overwhelmed with the book review process

My goal is to make it crazy easy for you to get more five-star reviews for your book!


Get my personal Book Reviewer Email Template free! This is the email I personally send to my reviewers with instructions on how to use it. Two versions of the template are included for both pre-published and post-published books!

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