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13 Years in Publishing

Started 50+ publishing companies and published 200+ books.

9,280+ Students

Across 53 different countries!

54 Product Launches

Including templates, resources and trainings for authors.

What People Are Saying

  • I have purchased and implemented several of your courses to be the ultimate publisher for my clients. Thank you for all the value.
    Jessica Butler
  • 30 minutes [with Kristen] generated motivation for DAYS. Weeks even! Life’s too short to lallygag… especially when Ninja rocket fuel is available!
    Rena Tucker
  • Totally packed, totally worth it, down-to-earth, tried-and-true (by her own experience), can-use-it-starting-RIGHT-NOW advice. What could be more awesome?
    Jenifer Joy
  • Kristen gave me more laser-focused, step-by-step instructions in 30 minutes than I could figure out on my own in 30 weeks.
    Tracy Tennant
  • Kristen you are AMAZING! You have allowed this 60-year-old brain to believe she can learn how to do some of these things!!!! YEA!
    Rhonda Edwards

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If you know the value a published book can bring to your credibility and expertise, or you just need help going from idea to market, we can coach you through every step of the process and hold your feet to the fire of accountability so you get it done. Schedule your 1-on-1 "On Demand" laser coaching session today to get the help you need now and discover if we're a good fit to work together long-term at

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