Hey Ninja!

You probably know that I’ve been a professional book cover designer since early 2003. And my husband Tony has designed over 600 book covers for traditional publishers. So to say we know a thing or two about cover design is, well, obvious!

That’s why when this crazy deal came across my screen I sat with my mouth open, called Tony in the room and said, “Our people NEED THIS!”

This is a once-in-a-lifetime deal and the smartest way to create your own book covers while saving time, money and effort.

Get it now ==> http://kristenrecommends.com/push (It’s less than 20 bucks for over 100 e-cover templates plus bonuses!)

And the best part? If you grab the upsell, you’ll also get PLR rights to sell this package as your own! This is perfect if you’ve been dabbling in graphic design, want to publish other people’s books, or want to seriously up your game in the world of publishing.

Oh I lied…

The BEST part is that these e-book cover templates are editable not only in Photoshop, but they figured out how to make them editable in Microsoft WORD! (Say, what?!?)

For REALS. Microsoft Word! No fancy Photoshop skills needed!

People DO judge books by their covers. And it’s not often we’re impressed by cover templates. But these are good designs… and the price is even BETTER.

So grab the introductory 110 eCover Templates Bundle for under 20 bucks…

Then take advantage of the 20,000 Stock Photo Bundle and the PLR license.

And to sweeten the pot, grab it through MY link and get access to my exclusive, almost hour-long Instant Cover Design Expert training!

It’s a complate no brainer!

Grab it NOW ==> http://kristenrecommends.com/push

This is one resource you’ll regret missing out on!


Kristen Joy

The Book Ninja

PS – This deal will expire soon, so grab it today while you’re thinking about it! ==> http://kristenrecommends.com/push