When was the last time you read a book, article, or email that grabbed your attention and held it?

That often happens with books by your favorite authors, but what compels you to read through a sales brochure or flyer, an email or social media post? If the first couple of sentences don’t pique your interest, the item gets deleted or thrown in the trash. So what makes it something you want to read from start to finish?

As humans, we are creatures of “self-interest.” And with all the demands on our time, we can only focus on so much. Naturally then, we gravitate to things that might benefit us in some way. If you think about your most recent reading binges, positive responses to sales pitches, and social media posts that had you contributing comments to, you’ll probably find a story that resonated with you or met an emotional need.

Your readers have needs too. Maybe they are going through a difficult time or need an answer to a question or information about a topic of interest. Whether you want to touch someone’s heart, reach a new audience, or boost your sales, feeding souls through storytelling is a powerful tool in your writer’s toolkit. Everyone loves a good story, especially if it’s one they can relate to.

Put yourself in your audience’s shoes. What are they looking for? Encouragement? Motivation? Affirmation? Information? All of those above can be imparted by way of a personal touch. Share your experiences—what you thought and felt, and how you handled the situation. Give anecdotes about your family, friends, or clients (without violating their privacy, of course). People respond positively to those they like and trust. If they can connect with you on a personal level, they are more likely to read your book, buy your product, or hire you as a coach.

When you have a public platform—as authors and coaches do—use it to make a positive difference in the lives of others; in fact, make it goal to “feed their souls.”

Can you provide the motivation they need to overcome a challenge?

Are you able to offer encouragement to clients who are “stuck?”

Do you have a way with words that brings a smile to someone’s face?

What better use of your skills than to uplift and edify those who follow you!

When you feed the soul of your audience you’ll find that you’re feeding your own too! Research shows that helping others and engaging positively with them boosts our own brain chemistry, resulting in decreased depression and moodiness, lifting our own spirits.

You have a unique blueprint for your soul—the way you feel, think, and interact with others. By using your giftings and strengths to influence those around you, you’ll begin to understand both yourself and the needs of your audience better. The more you understand yourself, the better you’ll be able to reach your readers and clients, helping them to shine in their own lives.

It all starts with letting people in. So dare to be vulnerable. Share a bit of yourself in everything you write. Be an attention-grabber by meeting the needs of your audience right from the start. Feed the souls of others and you’ll be fed the most!


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Natalie Collins

Natalie Collins

Natalie Collins is a sought after Business Coach who helps entrepreneurs discover their Brilliance Blueprint so they can become who they're meant to be and build a business around it.

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