Elise AdamsCertified Book Ninja Coach (CBNC) Elise Adams is a six-year copywriting genius who takes her writing very seriously… while having a blast. She’s focused her ghostwriting and copywriting efforts with The Book Ninja exclusively for the the past year and is responsible for much of the sizzling copy for the company. Upon her Book Ninja Coach certification, she launched her first in a new series of Book Ninja courses, Writing Copy for Authors, under the series brand Ninja Writing Moves.

Specializing in personality-based, mission-focused marketing principles, Elise has a unique perspective on closing the gap between your readers/buyers and the awesomeness that you bring to the world. Rather than “book learning” or theories, she brings bootstrapping, been-there-done-that-in-the-trenches experience to your big dreams. Elise has worked with direct marketing trainers and leaders, professional organizers, entrepreneurs of all kinds, product designers, inventors, authors, storytellers, professionals and more, to crystalize their message, articulate their world-changing, results-driving expertise and ultimately to expand their reach and increase their profits exponentially.

When not writing for The Book Ninja, her own side projects and others, Elise stays busy wrangling three littles and a host of plants in her garden.