kristen-bio-picKristen Joy decided she was “unemployable” at the tender age of six when she started her first business making and selling pet rocks. She’s never been able to “hold down a real job…” ever. A serial entrepreneur, in 2003 she turned her life-long love of reading and writing into a full-time career she LOVES, teaching authors and entrepreneurs how to create books that bring them business and turning authors into successful authorpreneurs.

After discovering how to thrive through chronic illness, Kristen went on to write and publish 18 Kindle books in 18 weeks, start over 50 publishing companies for others, publish over 200 books and e-books, teach hundreds of webinars, coach thousands of authors from idea to published, build a livelihood from negative $300-a-month to a multi six-figure business, study martial arts, get her conceal-carry license and eat way too much chocolate.

She currently changes lives through her students… one published message at a time, encourages authors through free articles and videos at, teaches a ton of courses and still studies martial arts, working toward her black belt in MMA karate… while maintaining a healthy daily dose of chocolate.

Besides on this website, she can be found online at her second home in Facebookland and occasionally aimlessly roaming the Star Wars and pet supply aisles with her man at Target hunting down toys for themselves and their cat.