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Reason #1:

Besides the fact that our system tags your people to you for up to 365 days so you make money on everything they buy during that time, there's absolutely no risk (and therefore no reason not to play) and you can win one of the super cool prizes listed below. And if you choose to promote one of our resources to them in the future, they're re-tagged, which means the more often you promote, the more people you get tagged to you, and the longer they're tagged in our system as yours... which means the more money we pay you every week!

Reason #2:

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Reason #3:

Our products SELL. Kristen and The Book Ninja team continuously under-promise and over-deliver, creating more happy customers the longer we're in business. And we have a full-fledged support team working around the clock to make sure your people are taken care of and everyone gets what they need!

Win One of These Cool Prizes!

First Prize: Amazon Gift Card! ($1,000 Value)

This gift can be spent however you want!

I mean, who doesn't want an extra $1,000?!

Second Place: iPad Pro

($700 value)

Get the brand new iPad Pro!

128GB WiFI

9.7-inch cinema-standard color screen

2048 x 1536 resolution

64-bit A9X chip, M9 coprocessor

Up to 10-hour battery life

And honestly, it's a pretty freaking awesome game changer.

Third Place: Apple Watch

($300 value)

Get a brand new Series 2 Apple Watch!

Built-in GPS

Water resistance to 50 meters

Super fast dual-core processor

And frankly, you'll look cool wearing it. 😉


Fourth, Fifth & Sixth Places:

$100 Cash Prize

Seventh, Eight, Ninth & Tenth Places:

$50 Cash Prize

How to Win

Simply promote any products, trainings or services from The Book Ninja through the month of October and the 10 people with the most money in sales* at midnight October 31st win!

Steps to Promote:

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(Note: You can use ANY of the copy from the sales pages for your emails and posts. If you wish to schedule a webinar or want a special promo code to share a Signature Course with your list, simply email us at [email protected] and we'll hook you up!)

It's that easy!

Our Recommended Promotions

The products, resources and trainings below have been our top sellers from straight-up email promotions to webinars. If hosting Kristen for a webinar training is available, there will be a link beside the product description for you to schedule. The webinar promo calendar is filling fast, so schedule one for your tribe today!

Kristen's NEWEST Signature Course

This course is the largest Kristen Joy has ever created! With over 15 hours' worth of in-depth training, she covers everything authors need to know to write, publish, design and market their self-published books.

Click here to see the sales page.

Click here to schedule a webinar with Kristen to promote this course to your list. (List minimum of 2500 applies.)

Kristen's Most Popular Signature Course

This course is unique to low- and no-content books, specifically creating journals! With behind-the-scenes step-by-step training, in this course Kristen covers everything an author needs to know to publish a journal in a matter of a few hours... from idea generation to hitting the "publish" button.

Click here to see the sales page.

Click here to schedule a webinar with Kristen to promote this course to your list. (List minimum of 2500 applies.)

*This training offers a one-click upgrade opportunity to add Advanced Journal Design at a hefty discount.

Kristen's Most Popular Product

Typically run as a "4-day sale," this Ninja Checklist Bundle is by far Kristen's most popular product. Promote it as a sale for $27 before the price auto-increases for your followers to $97. No promo code needed - it's all automatic!

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*This product is entry to a funnel that includes a one-time offer, then a free webinar training that upsells to one of Kristen's courses.

Of course, you're welcome to promote ANY of our dozens of products, trainings and services. Simply login to your affiliate center to see what's available!

If you need help at ANY time, please contact our Super Ninjas at [email protected]!


Check this spot often for your place on the leaderboard!

This board is updated every other day. The final week of the contest, the board will be updated DAILY, so refresh this page often to see if you've changed in rank!


FIRST PLACE: ($1,000 Amazon Gift Card) Jay Boyer

Second Place: (iPad Pro 128GB) Tom Corson-Knowles

Third Place: (Apple Watch) John Rhodes

Fourth Place: (Cash Prize) Daniel Hall

Fifth Place: (Cash Prize) D'vorah Lansky 

Sixth Place: (Cash Prize) Jim Edwards  

Seventh Place: (Cash Prize) Joseph Nicoletti 

Eighth Place: (Cash Prize) Laura De La Cruz

Ninth Place: (Cash Prize) Bryan Cohen

Tenth Place: (Cash Prize) Jamie Wyatt*

The Fine Print

*Prize Eligibility: In order to qualify for a prize, the affiliate's total gross sales must be double the prize value. That means in order to get the $1,000 Amazon gift card, total gross sales must be at least $2,000.

Prizes: All prizes will be delivered as cash for you to use as you please, in the equivalent of the prizes. You can purchase your own prize with the money (in whatever color combos you choose) or anything else you wish!

Contest End Date: This contest closes at midnight on October 31, 2016. Yep, that's Halloween. BOO! 😉

Commissions: All trainings and products/resources have a 50% commission to affiliates. Most services, including "Kristen On Demand" coaching and Book Cover Critiques, offer a 10% commission. My Book Mastermind memberships offer a recurring 10% commission every month the membership is active. No commission will be paid on leads, including leads from webinars.

Webinars: The Book Ninja team will handle all the tech setup for any affiliate-hosted webinars and provide you with Organizer logins. If you prefer to handle this setup yourself, please simply let Kristen know.

Upsells: Upsells are at the discretion of The Book Ninja and Kristen Joy. We have tested funnels and processes and are continuously improving them.

Promo Copy: Many of our products already have promo copy available should you need a starting point. Email us at [email protected] should you need it.

Review Copies: We do not offer "review" copies of our products, trainings or anything else to affiliates unless you become a VIP affiliate. (VIP affiliates generate a minimum of $25,000 in sales in any given month out of a calendar year.)

Help: Should you need help at ANY time, please write [email protected] and our Support Ninjas will assist you!

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