Now what?

You built it so they should come,  right?

I hear you. After all, you've put the time and effort into creating your credibility-building book in order to build a successful business, reach millions of readers with your message and support yourself, your kids and your grand kids, right?

Why should you listen to me?

Over the past decade I've started over 50 publishing companies, built a multi-six-figure publishing empire, completely rebranded myself and my company three times, PLUS personally coached multiple-six-figure business owners to massive success using their independently published books as their foundation! (Little-known unpopular people you've probably never heard of like Guy Kawasaki, Felicia Slattery, Dr. Daisy Sutherland, Paul Evans, Carrie Wilkerson, Nicole Dean, Bob The Teacher Jenkins, Rahna Barthelmess... just to name a few. OK name dropping is done... for now. 😉 )        

Now, let me guess...

  • You've written a book but you're not seeing the money flow in like you'd hoped
  • You have a business and want to use your book to BOOST your reach, marketing and add a few more zeros to your royalty checks
  • You KNOW your ideas and expertise are profitable, but you haven't seen the cash flow you want yet
  • You love being an author, but you're ready for the profits to match the brilliance of your writing
  • Credibility... got it! Ideas... got em! A book or two... done that! So, where are the profits already?
  • Show me how to fish--oh yeah! I'll fish... Taking action is my middle name... But where do I start?

"So how the heck do I bridge the gap from all the hard work I've already done and where I want to the money!"


Fred understands. He doesn't want you to go wandering from one idea to the next without a plan for promoting your book and a strategy for building a pathway to profits.

Fred hopes you don't stay on your own!

Fred is hoping you'll become an authorpreneur!

See, Authorpreneurs (yes, I did make up that word--it's a good one, don't you think?) take their great ideas, put them in books and then build a foundation with them for phenomenal business and entrepreneurial growth.

I believe that one of the things you need to do to remain successful online, if you are in it for the long-term, in whatever niche you have chosen, is to find top-notch gurus, people who are experts in their markets, and then you stay part of their tribe, so that when they say "Hey everyone, we need to take a left!" because Amazon has changed their algorithms say, then you get that information quickly, and you are not left out in the cold. For me, in the world of online and physical publishing, Kristen Joy is one of those precious gurus, and she truly warrants the name of the Book Ninja! I highly recommend any of her courses, they are excellent value, each and every time.
Brian Parsons

As a busy authorpreneur I understand firsthand how important it is to have access to mentorship from the right coach. When I decided to make publishing my action guide series a reality I knew that Kristen Joy was THE person I wanted to be mentored by. Working with Kristen has exceeded my expectations. She is not only brilliant, she is exceptionally kind, caring, and giving." D'vorah Lansky, M.Ed. and Proud Author of the Productivity Action Guide for Authors. 

D'vorah Lansky

Introducing the Authorpreneur Mastery Mentoring Program

The BOOK NINJA's Exclusive Training, Mentoring and Implementing program exclusively for authors who want to make money.


This mentoring program isn't for everyone!

The lifetime bundle of "secret strategy" trainings I'll share with you in this powerful mentoring program are a bit unusual, filled with fun, adventure and a bit of sassiness. I assure you, they are 100% safe and legal. But they do require action. If you aren't ready to take action, this advanced success strategies program probably isn't for you.

In addition, while not required, being published is a big help to making the courses in this program work for you. Sure, you can implement many of the strategies I teach before your book is finished, and many more will only be useful to you if you have something to sell. After all, if you don't have something to sell, you have nothing to sell... uh... yeah. That.

yes let me in

Lifetime membership includes ALL high-level Authorpreneur Mastery training programs ($97-$197 value when purchased individually)

  • Create Your 3-Month Marketing Plan in LESS Than 1 Hour
  • Build Your Successful Author Marketing Platform
  • R.E.A.C.H. Your Perfect Customer Marketing Platform
  • List Building for Authors
  • Power-Packed Pen Names

AND all upcoming Live-Taught Authorpreneur Mastery trainings ... including (but not limited to...I reserve the right to add topics!)

  • Facebook Marketing Strategies
  • Virtual Book Tour Secrets
  • Incredible Interviews
  • The Powerhouse of Physical Products
  • Wield the Webinar Weapon
  • Create & Promote the Perfect Product
  • Grow Your Biz from Pennies to Dollars
  • Marketing Maven... Offline!

AND EVERY Authorpreneur Mastery training course includes:

  • Lifetime access to Replays of ALL Video training sessions
  • Downloadable Audio Files of ALL training sessions
  • Downloadable PDF files of ALL slides used in the training sessions
  • Accountability & mentoring group ONLY accessible to Authorpreneur Mastery Members
  • Hot Seat session INVITATIONS -- implement the training then get my LIVE advice on your progress!


Not quite ready for the whole kit and kaboodle yet? Grab Individual Authorpreneur Mastery Courses A'la Carte right HERE!

(Warning: If you collect them all, you'll end up paying more.)