Is your book collecting marketing dust because you published it and never knew what to do next?

Would You Like to Create a Best-Selling Non-Fiction Book that Truly Changes Your Bottom Line Rather than Just Wearing a Badge that Doesn’t Do Anything for You At All? Read On…

Dear Overwhelmed Non-Fiction Author,

You’ve written your book… congratulations! As you dive into the world of book marketing, you’re probably hoping to hit the best-seller list. And the more you learn, the more you realize you have a long way to go.

Now you’re having to navigate through all the worthless offers from fake “gurus” that say they can make your book become a best seller when really all they’re giving you is a way of gaming or scamming the Amazon system to get you a badge that means NOTHING.

best-seller-158885_1280I’m going to tell you EXACTLY how to game the system right in this sales letter FOR FREE, then I’m going to SHOW you exactly how to build a sustainable business from your book that can last a lifetime.


Here it is…

Step 1: Get 20+ people to each donate a prize (PDF, course, e-book, report, etc.)

Step 2: Have all those people promote the book on launch day.

Step 3: Sell 17-ish copies within one hour.

Step 4: BOOM. Amazon Best Seller list.

Now, is that REALLY a best seller?


Here’s the thing… Sure, your book will probably hit Amazon’s best-seller list and land there for… say, maybe an hour. Amazon’s list is updated every hour and the chances of your book staying in the #1 spot longer than that first hour with the above formula are slim to none.

So can you hit the best-seller list? ABSOLUTELY!

But will it stay there? NOPE.

Not unless you have the right formula that WORKS.

See, your readers are just as overwhelmed as YOU are. They don’t want more “stuff” filling their hard drives. They have enough reports, e-books, training courses and other useless bonuses collecting virtual dust as it is!

It’s time for you to be their solution and become the REAL best-selling author you’ve been dreaming of being for so long.

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In this Author’s Quick Course you’ll discover:

  • Hit the Amazon Best Sellers list in at least one category and STAY there for at least a week… so you can have the credibility of a REAL best-selling author.
  • Cultivate a mindset of success, so you stop sabotaging your potential sales.
  • How to create a book readers will LOVE and will refer to their friends.
  • Ensure your long-term success as an author… instead of a short-lived few dozen sales that will barely dent your bank account.
  • How to attract readers with your own website… and what gets them to stay and spend money.
  • Create buzz around your non-fiction book any time of the year… for an extra boost right when you need it.
  • The exact “when, where and what” of the ultimate best-seller strategy… That WORKS.
  • Step-by-step from pre-launch prep to how to run your winning best-seller campaign.
  • How to find the time to create and run your best-seller campaign.
  • Go beyond Amazon to hit it BIG in the real world of best-selling books… and create a name for yourself as the expert in your industry.
  • Step-by-step how to land on the NY Times Best-Seller List AND what it REALLY means for authors.
  • How to make exponential profits beyond your book royalties.
  • And much, much MORE!

Grab this extensive course today and unlock the secrets that create a best-seller’s sustainable business off of just one book instead of just a stupid badge on Amazon that doesn’t really mean a thing.

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See you as a best-selling author!

Kristen Joy
The Book Ninja


It’s time for YOU to be a REAL best-selling author!

ONLY $297  $197