Hi Awesome Author!
This came across my Inbox this morning and I honestly wish I’d been paying more attention to it. In fact, I didn’t give it much thought until Tony said, “Did you see that?” See, usually I don’t pay attention to “cheap” cover design template offers, because the designs are crap… at best. But when Tony tells me to pay attention to anything related to cover design, I do… given that both he and I have been pro designers for a combined 38 YEARS and I trust his judgement.
Look at this ==> http://kristenrecommends.com/covers (expires TODAY, November 15, 2017)

I’ve created cover templates, but none like this. In fact, there’s no way I could create this many highly professional cover templates in Photoshop and sell them for so cheap – it’s just honestly not worth my time. It’s practically highway robbery to get such good designs for so little. I mean, 100 really GOOD cover design templates PLUS all the crazy bonuses on this page, for UNDER 20 bucks?!
I’m not kidding. If you have basic Photoshop, Gimp or PhotoPea skills, you can fully customize any number of these templates to fit your own book, brand… and even series. Without the cost of hiring a pro designer yourself.
Go NOW and grab this bundle… before it expires TONIGHT ==> http://kristenrecommends.com/covers
And create your own super awesome professional cover design today!
To your success,
Kristen Joy
The Book Ninja