Hey there fellow writer!

What is it costing you to not have your book done yet?

  • More credibility?
  • More clients?
  • More passive income?
  • More prestige?

You’re not alone! Many an aspiring author has found getting started is easy, but finishing a book is an entirely different matter.
That’s where the Finish the Book! complete writing course comes in. In this course you’ll discover:

  • 5 Procrastination-Busting strategies to implement immediately and nip that pesky excuse in the bud
  • How to find your writing direction, the meaning behind it and how use it to maximize your writing time
  • How to make your writing personal—the key to really connect with your reader and make them beg for more from you
  • The key to using affirmations to keep going when the writing gets tough
  • How to visualize your finished project, which will give you added incentive to get your book done fast
  • Exactly what to give your physical body to endure long writing hours
  • The most important mindset exercise you can do to will help you remain focused on your goal
  • Practical writing exercises that will make you see results as soon as you complete them
  • 9 key places to network with other writers and get support when you need it
  • And much, much more!


As if all that high quality training isn’t enough, this course also includes the following bonuses to help you stay on track and get your book goals accomplished—fast!

  • Prompts for both fiction and non-fiction, including: characters, situations, places, settings and informative ideas
  • Fictional Character Profile Outline that will make developing your characters a cinch
  • Fictional Place/Setting Outline to help define key places that appear in your story
  • Fictional Situation Outline to define the problem, the characters involved, the place, and the resolution
  • Non-Fiction Informative Idea Topic Outline that can be re-used for the overall structure of your non-fiction book, each chapter, and even sections within chapters to make outlining your non-fiction book easier than getting hungry at the first whiff of baking brownies

This complete course has actually sold for over $300 in the past. Now I’ve updated it and am re-releasing it to you for a mere fraction of that price—an investment of only $27!