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  • Maybe you’re stuck on your book title.
  • Maybe you’re stuck on your book’s cover design and want an expert critique.
  • Maybe you’re not sure who your target market or audience should be.
  • Maybe you just want to run your ideas past Kristen and get her expert opinion.

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Now get 30 minutes with Kristen “on demand!”


arrows2_0011_arrow-13-rightStep 1: Click the link below to order your one-on-one 30-minute session.

arrows2_0011_arrow-13-rightStep 2: You’ll immediately be taken to a calendar full of options to set your appointment (including last-minute appointments!). Appointments are between 10:30am and 5pm Eastern Time Mondays and Tuesdays (Subject to Kristen’s current availability).

arrows2_0011_arrow-13-rightStep 3: Follow the calendar instructions after purchase to set your appointment(s).


Only $147!


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