Are you tired of losing key contacts you met at events or online?

It’s time for you to stop wasting time shuffling through business cards and searching for contact information on Facebook and time for you to easily track all your networking contacts in one place!


This easy-to-use system includes:

  • An easily-searchable system for all your general networking contacts… You know, those people whose information you want to hang on to, but have no idea what to categorize them as?
  • A specific system to keep track of hot leads so you stop missing out on key, important sales (and thousands of dollars!)
  • A “future leads” system to keep track of people who want to hire you or buy your products, but aren’t quite ready yet. Use this system to remember to follow up with them and stop leaving future dollars on the table!
  • A system specific to JV (joint venture) Partners so you can remember those conversations you had with key people you want to partner with on a future project—like a podcast or teleseminar—and stop forgetting about those powerful money-making partnerships!
  • A Vendor Tracking System designed for you to keep all those people you want to hire in one place—whether it’s for when you need new business cards or signs for your car or someone to print your next book!
  • A complete Media Tracking System where you can easily find key media contacts—podcasts, radio, TV, and more. No more missed opportunities for free publicity!
  • An Affiliate Tracking System for remembering to follow up with that special contact who wants to promote your product or service to their list of over 50,000 people. Think about how much money forgetting about this contact would make you miss out on!
  • BONUS Email and Social Media Follow-Up Templates so you can easily fill-in-the-blanks and save hours of time sending follow-up messages to everyone you meet at events—and avoid the SPAM SLAP from social media for sending the same message to too many people at once!

My goal is to make it easy for you to track your partnerships, follow up with hot leads, save time, and ultimately make more money!

Get this complete networking follow-up system today for…

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