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Do you know the fastest and easiest way to get high quality testimonials for your book?

Here’s how in two crazy-easy steps:

  1. Simply give each reviewer 3-5 examples of what you’d like them to say about your book and ask them to tweak one into their own words.
  2. Recycle the endorsements they don’t choose and repeat with another reviewer.

That’s it!!

It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s honest and your testimonials will roll in a lot faster if you do the bulk of the legwork for the people you want to endorse your book!


These easy-to-customize Microsoft Word (and PDF) templates packed full of fill-in-the-blank endorsements for 5 non-fiction genre books will make it easy for you to:

  • Attract the attention of high-level reviewers in your niche to endorse your non-fiction book
  • Save hours of time and energy coming up with sample testimonials for your book
  • Quickly and easily get endorsements from celebrities in your industry

Genres include:

  • Business How-To (33 templates)
  • Business Anthology (12 templates)
  • Management and Leadership (19 templates)
  • Sales and Marketing (21 templates)
  • Self-Help (30 templates)

In addition to these amazing time-saving templates, you’ll also get a template email to send to those high-profile people to better guarantee their endorsements on your book!

All of this for only $17 $7!

(Special pricing expires on midnight, Tuesday April 5, so grab yours now!)