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Let Me Show You How I Regularly Turn My Content into Showcase Print Books, and How I’ve Helped My Clients Publish Hundreds of Their Own!

From the desk of: Kristen Eckstein
Subject: Publishing for Credibility and Profit

Dear Fellow Author,

So you’ve published your Kindle book, but you’re wondering where the big results are. You’re an author now, so where’s the cash, the credibility, the clients? Truth is, while publishing on Kindle can bring you leads and authority, to really boost your business and stand out from the crowd, NOTHING beats a printed, bound, hard-copy, paper book.

Here’s the good news: You’re just 30 days from:

  • More speaking gigs
  • Charging more for your products and services
  • Having potential customers see you as the go-to expert in your niche and throw cash at you

What does it take? A beautiful, hold-it-in-your-hand, gorgeous print book — your showcase book.

Think it’s too hard to write a showcase book? Now that you’ve got your Kindle book finished, you’re actually closer to publishing your masterpiece than you realize. A lot closer. In fact, chances are that with the right strategies and shortcuts, you could enjoy the credibility, prestige, and all-round “good feeling” being a published author brings practically overnight. When you hold YOUR book in your hot little hand, see your name on the cover, and flip through the pages YOU wrote, you’ll know it’s true!

Kristen Eckstein all books low res

I wrote my first niche showcase book, 21 Ways to Write & Publish Your Non-Fiction Book, in only a weekend. The idea popped into my mind on Thursday, and after the dust settled and I caught my breath, I sat down and got to work. By Sunday night, it was done and the results were way better than I expected:

  • Within the first 30 days of my book’s release, I made $30,000 from clients who told me the only reason they hired me was because I’d published a print book.
  • That book was the first seed grew into a series that enabled me to create my own publishing empire.
  • Then my book hit Amazon’s best-seller list in three categories and stayed there for over a week. (I later discovered I’d accidentally stumbled on an incredibly simple marketing formula I’ll share with you in this challenge!)
  • Experts and international magazines started calling me out of the blue for interviews
  • I got invited to do a book signing at a major business conference that led to my placement as a permanent instructor there, which has directly led to hundreds of thousands of dollars in income for my business over the past two years.
  • Backend sales and high quality leads continue to pour in from built-in profit streams.
  • Now I’m working on my next showcase book, a much bigger one, that I’ll be writing alongside you in this Challenge! That’s right, I’m challenging MYSELF!

The best part: This little book is less than 100 pages long.

Listen, I know what it’s like to not have enough time, energy, or technical know-how to get your print book written, formatted, and published. But that’s not a problem because now I’m here to hold your hand, guide you through the confusion to clarity, and hold you accountable to get your showcase book done!

You Might Be Saying, “Yeah, but you have extra time!” Here’s the Truth…

  • I manage a business with a large team of people and work anywhere from 60-80 hours per week
  • As if that’s not enough, I also write guest posts for other blogs and have two to three interviews and guest expert webinars every week
  • I found super easy ways to turn my existing content into print, and my customers happily pay for it and thank me even though it’s content available somewhere else!

So no, I’m not going to accept the “I have no time” excuse from you! Because I’m going to teach you my personal Signature System for Super Fast Showcase Book Writing, and I’m going to show you how you already have most of it done!

Put Your Credibility on Steroids – Join the Kindle to Print Challenge!

=> I can’t wait – sign me up now! <=

 Why else should you listen to me?kristen eckstein

  • I’m an internationally recognized sought-after publishing expert
  • I’ve started over 50 publishing companies
  • I’ve published well over 200 books and e-books (frankly, I’ve lost count!)
  • I’m a multi-best-selling author
  • I’ve worked for a traditional publisher, vanity publisher, and run both vanity and indie “ghost” publishing companies
  • I’ve been in the publishing industry since 2003 and know what it takes to create books that will bring you business!
  • I’ve created two best-selling series and coached dozens of people how to do the same

The Secrets I’m about to Share with You Are Highly Unusual, and 100% Safe and Legal.

I painstakingly went through my research for the past 10 years to uncover these secrets, and regularly implement and improve them with every book I write. And the results are simply amazing. Here are some of the things you can enjoy once you get enrolled in my Ultimate Print in 30 Challenge, starting in April 2014:

4 Unique Levels of Training, beginning with 101 basics to 401 advanced strategies

(Remember college? Yeah, it’s like that.)

 Writing Levels 101-401

In these sections we’ll cover everything from the basics of writing all the way up to advanced editing tactics including:

  • How many words your non-fiction book should be
  • How to organize your showcase book
  • How to use pre-existing content to make your writing flow a lot faster
  • How to put it all together
  • Where to find professional editors
  • How much you should pay them (and how to save money)
  • And much, much more!

Publishing Levels 101-401

In the Publishing sections you’ll learn:

  • Where to get an ISBN number
  • How to do “print on demand” so you only print what you sell
  • How to write your back cover description to speak your reader’s language
  • How to price your book for fast sales and maximum profits
  • Where to get your book printed so that you retain the rights
  • The most economical way to print a book with color pages
  • Where to hire a professional book designer
  • How to use CreateSpace, IngramSpark, and Lighting Source to print your book
  • And much, much more!

Marketing Levels 101-401

Market like a ninja! I’ll walk you through everything you need to know, including:

  • How to start developing your offline platform (even if you don’t have one)
  • What exactly to say to bookstores to secure a signing
  • How to get stocked in bookstores
  • How to approach libraries
  • How to get listed on Amazon (it’s so easy you’ll smack your head wondering why you haven’t done this before!)
  • Advanced ninja social media marketing tactics
  • And much, much more!

Here’s how your training works:

  • Weekly live training sessions for 30 days (4 hour-long sessions) that will give you the tools you need to get past your blocks and get your showcase book written, formatted, and published. (Don’t worry, it’s all recorded!)
  • Weekly live Q&A sessions designed to help you implement your previous week’s training and maximize your success. (Yeah, we record these too!)
  • Ongoing accountability and support in our members-only Facebook group (to be continued far beyond your first showcase book’s release!).
  • A group of peers going through the same process who will be ready to promote you and your book (and many will even buy it!) when it’s released.
  • Your first or next showcase book written by the end of April 2014 (cross it off your bucket list)! Get published before Summer! Disclaimer: results may vary and you’ll see best results if you follow the trainings and fully participate in the challenge.
  • And more fun surprises, including a rumored substantial discount on our in-demand done-for-you professional book cover design and interior layout services!!

Your Kindle to Print Challenge schedule:

  • Training webinar every Thursday at 6 PM ET beginning April 3rd through April 24th (the day before my birthday!). (Yup, you get the recordings.)
  • Live Q&A call every Tuesday at 4 PM ET beginning April 8th through April 29th for specific questions you have regarding the previous week’s training (Can’t attend live? No worries — submit them beforehand and watch the recordings. It’s all included!)
  • Anytime interaction and accountability via the exclusive Facebook Group before, during, and after the challenge.
  • “Forever” access to recordings of everything, so even if you can’t make the times you can use the recordings to get your book done!

Even though I’m really going over board with the value here, it’s only a small investment to happily partake in this amazing experience that will make your life-long dream of being a published showcase author come true. Unlike those other fancy pants marketers, I don’t want to jack the price up to “maximize profits.” My goal is to simply help launch you on your way to publishing success.

My time is valued at over $400 per hour (yes, I’ve actually had people pay that!) and you’re going to get an entire month of me for just $297!


Amazing, but true. And here’s something else amazing.

It Comes with a 100% Risk-Free Guarantee!

I guarantee that if you’re not satisfied with your training, just let me know within seven days of the first session. I’ll refund your money, no questions asked. My goal is to see you succeed and watch your credibility and profits soar!

Only $297 (Over $3997 Value!)


P.S. Also, if you say yes today, you’re going to immediately get your hands on these bonuses so you can get started with your writing, and we can hit the ground rolling in April!

BONUS #1 – Tons of Templates, Checklists & E-Books, Oh My! (Saves You 20 Hours of Research and Angst) 

My personal “Ultimate” Non-Fiction Writing Templates, 50 Titles Template, and Killer Book Title Checklist so you can get rolling before this challenge even starts!

  • These templates are created in Microsoft Word and also given to you in PDF format to download and instantly begin using.
  • Self-Help
  • Business How-To
  • Kindle (e-book)
  • 50 Titles Template
  • Killer Book Title Checklist
  • A PDF copy of my Kindle book: Author’s Quick Guide to Organizing Your Non-Fiction Book
  • A PDF copy of my Kindle book: Author’s Quick Guide to Turning Your Speech into a Book

BONUS #2! ($397 Value)

One Free Month in the exclusive My Book Mastermind program!

This program is designed specifically to expand your book marketing toolbox and help you maximize those tactics to turn your marketing plan from blah to fantastic… oh, and start making a lot more money from your book sales efforts! Click here to view the program.

Note: Coupon code in your members area will give you one month’s free access. You may cancel after that through your PayPal account. If you do not cancel, you will be re-billed each month at the discounted rate of $97 per month until you cancel.


All of this for ONLY $297 (Over $3997 Value!)