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I’m going to try blogging more regularly. 🙂 This week it’s BRCWC – Blue Ridge Christian Writers Conference. So far I’ve met Jerry B. Jenkins (such a nice guy), the acquiring editor for Strang, hung out with one of the faculty (who I didn’t know was faculty for the first two hours), and met a bunch of fun, aspiring authors.

One thing I’ve noticed – the writers’ tendency to get easily overwhelmed. The consensus here is the same – you have to be willing to do some of the work. I’ve been “preaching” this for years. Authors have to be willing to do much, if not all, of their own marketing. Want to be successful like the famous fiction writers you see on the bookstore shelves? They work extremely hard not just writing, but marketing their work.

Author Jerry B. Jenkins

Which brings me to the main continuing class I’m taking this week – Marketing 101 to 401. I’ll be sharing tidbits I glean from our instructor, James Rubart. So stay tuned! For now, it’s off to breakfast!

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Kristen Joy

Kristen Joy

Kristen Joy Laidig is the founder of The Book Ninja. She has authored over 40 books, started over 50 publishing companies, trained over 10,000 authors worldwide, has her black belt in karate, and eats way too much chocolate. She currently changes lives through her students… one published message at a time, manages her two retail stores Toy Box Gifts & Wonder® and Nerdvana Outpost in the heart of her newfound hometown, Chambersburg, PA, is in the start-up phase of at least three new businesses at any given time, and generally causes anyone reading this bio to be out of breath. On her “off” time (what’s that?) she brainstorms business ideas with her awesome husband, the great Public Domain Expert himself, Tony Laidig, and hangs out with her two ragdoll kitties. She’s even been known to sleep... occasionally.

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  • Lindy Clark says:

    So your mommy has inspired you???? (to be more faithful to your blog – that is)
    Cool, meeting Jerry Jenkins! You are amazing – of course, you can probably meet anyone if you have enough money to go where they are!

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