Working up to the launch of your very own book?  Why not build up buzz and let others know what you’re up to by starting a count down to the book launch podcast series?

There are no rules, no right or wrong way to make this work for you so let’s get creative and put it into action!

First, let’s take a look at your time line. How many weeks until your book launch? That’s how many podcast episodes you could create. Don’t start too far out in advance though, you want to keep the timeline tight enough to hold onto the excitement.  Six to ten weeks sounds just about right to me.

Now, let’s look at planning your podcast content.  It isn’t going to be difficult, it’s all about the upcoming book launch.

Episode Topic Ideas:

  • Introducing the Author – All about you.
  • The Back Story – Where did the book idea come from?
  • The Struggle – Did you overcome some difficult times in creating the book?
  • The Supporting Cast – Who helped you make the book great?
  • The Techie Details – What did you have to learn to get the book out?
  • The Launch is Coming – Prime the pump for Launch Day
  • Launch Day – Ta da!

The Format of Your Podcast is Up to You.

There really are no rules.

  • You could simply record brief audio reports of your process and progress.  Tip and tail it with music and you’re good to go.
  • You could have a friend co-host with you to keep the flow conversational.
  • If your book was a cooperative effort, naturally you’ll want to have your contributors on the podcast.

If you’re working on a big launch, maybe even aiming for best seller status, you’re probably collecting and preparing bonus gifts for those who purchase.  As the date draws nearer you can share about these bonuses – creating advance interest.  It will be easy to turn your listeners into book buyers – they’ll be so excited to be given the green light to purchase after feeling like they’ve been part of your process.

Ready to give this a try with your next book launch?


Kelly McCausey has been hosting her own internet radio show for nearly ten years and has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, authors and speakers get started with their own podcast.

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  • Randy Barnes says:

    Wow, those bullet points are brilliant. I can take each one and see an easy paragraph and then another, and then my podcast ideas are running at full steam. I can also see parts of my book [which seriously need writing] beginning to write itself in my head as I am outlining the podcast ideas to talk about the book that I’ll be podcasting about. I’m getting dizzy! This is like high-octane writer’s fuel. I picked the wrong night to try turning in early! Gee thanks 😉

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