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Of course you are. That’s why we’ve put together this 10 Ways To Dominate Kindle series for you. To help you do just that – dominate Kindle!

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The first way is one of our favorite ways to get started.

Are you ready for it?



Yes, you can interview others and create books from it. You can do this with both fiction authors or non-fiction authors.

There are 3 easy steps to interviewing others that will create great books for others to read.

1. Interview An Expert

For Fiction – Interview fellow fiction writers in your same or related genera to yours and draw attention to their books. By doing that you’re aligning yourself with them and you’re also bringing more attention to your own books.

For Non-Fiction – Interview experts on any topic and compile them together.

2. Transcribe

Take the interviews and either transcribe them yourself or have someone else do that for you.

Yes, people will want to read a transcript of an interview BUT ONLY if you make them aware that it was an interview or conversation between two people and that they are reading a conversation.

3. Lightly Edit

Because you’ll need to make your audience aware of the fact that it’s an interview or conversation between two people, you’ll need to lightly edit the transcript to explain this so it’s not confusing to your reader and it makes sense.

Go through and make sure that your names are spelled right, websites are spelled right, places are also spelled right, and so on.


That’s it!

Then you can publish it.

Easy enough, right?

But wait! You’ll need a few tools in the process to help you along. Here they are:


Recording Software (Free) (Free)

Uber Conference (Free)

Skype (recorder is now included inside Skype) (Free)

Screenflow (Paid)

Camtasia (Paid)

Recording Device

Built in microphone on computer


Professional microphone (optional)


What’s The Big Benefit Of Interviews?

Ninja SEO!

Google and Amazon LOVE each other. Google and Amazon love each other so much that Google puts Amazon at the top of the list in searches. If there is a book that answers someone’s question that they have typed into Google, Google will show the book FIRST! Even if there are hundreds of blog posts on the same topic, Google will show the book FIRST.


Let that sink in.

It doesn’t matter how much work people have done on their websites to make the Google rankings better. It doesn’t matter how many blog posts they have. If you have an interview with someone in your field, in your niche, or in your writing genre, that you have transcribed and put into a book form, and someone else is searching for that author’s name…

Your book…with your name as the author + their name as the co-author…WILL SHOW UP FIRST ON GOOGLE!





Go get it done already!


Now, let’s talk royalties real quick. You do NOT have to share book royalties with the person you interviewed. (It’s frankly a bookkeeping nightmare). What they get out of the interview is free publicity, advertising, promotion, and marketing. That is actually worth way more than any of the royalties would ever bring them. You ask nothing from them (no money to help with the book creation – you take care of that) except what time they give to you for the interview itself.

Once you do one interview, create the transcript, lightly edit, and publish it on Kindle, you’ll realize how easy this is. Plan an entire series around these interviews and you’ll really be Book Ninja!


Watch the video below to learn even more:

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