Spring. New beginnings. Fresh starts. The air itself teeming with life and growth. It’s a great time to clean house, and the perfect time to rejuvenate your entrepreneurship! Here are some “spring cleaning” tips to make your writing business sparkle.

Dust off the dreams. Do you have big ideas for your book or publishing business that you had put on the back-burner, thinking that someday you’ll implement them? If you could wave your magic wand, what would you love to accomplish this year? Do you envision a new direction to go in? What’s stopping you?

Take another look at the ideas you’ve shelved. You don’t have to use all of them; just choose one or two and write up an action plan on how to implement them, along with a timeline to do it by.

Get spots off the windows.Nothing spoils the scenery more than smudged, dirty windows. Those spots of doubt, hesitation, and fear have to go! Wipe them away with the confidence that comes from having a solid plan to increase traffic, reach a wider audience, or improve your marketing techniques.

Sweep aside clutter. Are there things holding you back? Do you have so much on your plate that overwhelm has set in? Maybe it’s time to remove the nonessentials and focus on what’s important. If you’re signed up for multiple associations, publications, blogs, and Facebook groups, examine each one to see if they add value to your business or personal life. If not, drop it. Put your time and effort only into things that provide value and insight. A group or organization may be very good, but it may not be the right time to get involved. Shelve it for the present. You can reconsider it down the road.

Take out the trash. Don’t be afraid to eliminate what isn’t working. You could have habits, practices, or styles that once worked, but are no longer effective. Don’t hang on to them just because it’s something you’ve always done. As they say, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result each time.

Wipe down the mini blinds. You know how neglected mini blinds get all gunky and gross over time? Instead of simply dusting them regularly you’ve let them accumulate debris, and now it takes elbow grease and extra effort to get them clean. In the same way, procrastination and neglect causes problems to build up, negatively affecting your productivity and profits.

Tackle those problems once and for all, clearing the way for renewed energy and creativity. Take the initiative and resolve issues as they come along. Doing so will keep your business running smoothly and cut back on stress as well.

Open the windows and let in fresh air! Be open to new ideas, new relationships, and new strategies. Learn from the experts. Invest in yourself and your writing or publishing. Developing your skills and staying abreast of the latest developments and tools in the industry will breathe new life into you and your business.

Polish the cabinets and accessorize. Finally, reflect on the things that are working well for you. Is it regularly giving your readers new material or meeting the needs of your audience? Is it the excellent customer service you provide to your authors? Play to your strengths! Do what you do well and outsource the things you’re not great at. Does anything need to be updated? A little polish and pizzazz on your branding will do wonders.

As flowers bloom around you and the trees begin to bud, think about the ways your writing, publishing, or marketing can blossom. It takes planning, implementing, and imagination, but the effort you put into “spring cleaning” will result in a growing, thriving, and successful business!


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Natalie Collins

Natalie Collins

Natalie Collins is a sought after Business Coach who helps entrepreneurs discover their Brilliance Blueprint so they can become who they're meant to be and build a business around it.

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