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Listen, writing a book doesn’t have to be this big long drawn out hard process. Seriously. It doesn’t.

You can do it one blog post at a time. I’ll show you how (with Kristen’s help in the video below).

First, let’s talk about one of the benefits of blogging your book…

When you publish a blog post, you get to share it with your audience and attract new readers at the same time (building your platform – score!). They start to become familiar with what you are all about and you get to receive feedback on your writing (and if anyone even cares about the subject). In a sense, it’s also market research wrapped into it as well.

Another benefit is that you get to write it in small, bite-sized chunks. Which makes it a doable process and helps keep the overwhelm at bay. Total bonus!

Now, Kristen’s good friend Nina Amir wrote the book “How to Blog A Book“, which is a great book and another great way to write your book. What she teaches in that book is how to write a regular, mainstream sized book. If that’s what you’re looking to do, Nina’s book will be great for you to read.

But honestly, it doesn’t have to be like that (big book wise) and you don’t have to write your entire book on your blog either. We’re going to show you how to make it even easier to do and the exact way that Kristen herself blogs her books.

Watch the video below to find out how. Each step is also written out below the video if you’d rather read them.

Step 1

Write a 500-word (minimum) blog post; include subheadings and bullet points.

You can of course write more than 500 words (especially for us writers who like to write). Yet, the minimum you want to write is 500 words.


Because Google loves blog posts that are 500 words or more. So, not only will you be writing your book, you’ll also be collecting some Google love in the process. Which builds your platform. Which helps you get more readers. You get the picture.

500 words + Google = Win Win

For Fiction, publish a section of the story. You can leave your readers hanging at the end or ask them a question like “What do you think this character should do next?” and get suggestions from your audience to help build the story. You never know…your audience may give you some great suggestions that you would have never thought of on your own.

For Non-Fiction, be sure to include subheadings and bullet points. More on this in Step 2.

Step 2

Expand it!

Expand what you’re writing with more details and create a cohesive flow with your organization between what’s on the blog and what’s written in the book.

For example:

  • Subheadings in blog posts = Chapters in the book
  • Bullet points = Subsections inside the chapters
  • Add examples/stories/case studies

Step 3

Have a blog.

That’s right – as an author the best thing to have for being able to market your book is a blog where you can write about your book all day long (in between actually writing your book, of course).

You’ll want a blog that is self hosted and controlled by you, and not a third party platform.

The Benefits


The #1 most important reason to have a blog and to blog your book is the advertisement space it gives you to tell people about your book. Ummmm…hello built in BOOK TEASER!

Helps you to get past writer’s blog.

Helps to trick yourself into writing your book.

Helps you write your synopsis.

Once you’ve published your book, you can go back to every single blog post that is part of the book and put a link at the bottom of the post that says something like “Did you like what you read here? Be sure to go grab the book.” If they want to read the rest of the story, they’re going to click that button and buy your book.

And just like that you’re building a platform around your business. Go you!


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